Expedition leader training

Know Before You Go: FAQS, Expedition Leader Training

Program: Expedition Leader Training Location: UK, Costa Rica, Panama Duration: 16 weeks   The Expedition Leader Training Course has a lot of moving parts and a huge number of important considerations, and the build-up to such an adventurous undertaking can seem daunting and fraught with uncertainty. Here we’ve put together our answers to seven of participants’ most frequently asked questions, … Read More

How to Survive in the Jungle with only a Machete and a Penknife

Alex shares his summary of the belt week episode of our Expedition Leader Training program. Deep in the Costa Rican jungle, the trainee Expedition Leaders are left alone with just a few items. Here’s how they survive. Contents of a belt kit Machete 2×1 litre water bottle Notebook and pen Small personal medical kit Penknife Headtorch Lighter (taken away at 3pm on day 1) Method Find an … Read More

Training Marine Conservationists in the Costa Rican Jungle

Training Marine Conservationists in the Costa Rican Jungle

Ryan shares the latest adventure from our Expedition Leader Training program in the jungle. About a month into our time in Costa Rica we were tasked with training a group of marine conservationists. The 5 of them were on holiday and were eager to discover what jungle life was like. The 4 of us T.E.L.s (Trainee Expedition Leaders) hadn’t taught jungle skills before so … Read More

Trekking Through the Jungle on a Gap Year

Trekking Through Deep Untouched Jungle

Ryan shares his summary of the trek week of our Expedition Leader Training program. We aimed to challenge ourselves on trek. We set out to travel through Bri land – through rivers and into deep, untouched jungle. Our first day began with a boat ride across the Sixaola River and then trekked for the next six hours – most of which was in the Bris River. … Read More

Mountain Leader Training in Wales

Learning about Mountain Rescue in Wales

Our new group of Trainee Expedition Leaders have started their Expedition Leader Training program in Wales. Read on to hear an update from Ryan about what the team have been up to so far. The first day the 5 of us and Elliot met at the bunkhouse, shared food and got to know each other. For the next few days we learned … Read More

Wales TEL via Ben

Arriving on the platform in Bangor, we were welcomed by a swift breeze of brisk January air. As I found Tim (English) and Meghan (American) we crammed our selves and the extraordinary amount of gear we had into a small taxi and sped off to the Snowden bunk house. Henry greeted us as we walked through the door with tea … Read More

Belize 2015

For the next phase of our expedition leader training we were joined by three medical students (medics) from Cardiff for the expedition medicine part of their course, and later a fourth medical student on a gap year. After an evening meal together we set off the next day for waterfall camp for the medic’s basic jungle training, which was also … Read More

Bahamas April phase (week 3)

Week 3 started with a bang -literally- the island was hit by three thunderstorms which despite hindering one day of diving provided us with a late night light show that we all loved.  Due to the loss of dive time we haven’t managed to  get our Open Water under our (weight) belt this week but our plan is to be … Read More

ELT January Group updates

Day 48 14/3/13- Day 57 23/3/13 Advanced medical, learnt abit more about the medical side of expeditions, recognizing and diagnosing symptoms and how to treat some cases. Got to practice through scenarios and at the end we all had assessments through scenarios and written test which we all passed! A highlight of the week was chicken night, where we got … Read More

ELT January Group: 4th week

Day 21 – 23. 15-17/2/13 We had a belated pancake day in town which everyone loved! For the following days we chilled out in town, sorted out the lessons we would teach the Trekker group and getting any extra equipment we needed. Did get to see a Keel Billed Tucan which was awesome to see, very bright colours! Met the … Read More