Working Holiday in Australia review of Ozforce

I had the pleasure of flying out to Australia  to meet some of the Ozforcers and the Ozforce staff down under to find out more about life in sunny Australia.   I was slightly disappointed about arriving in May, since I was informed to bring warm clothes, but being Australia, it was a balmy 28 degrees in the sunshine…in winter! … Read More

Bahamas report: week nine

Tuesday morning we were three down; Oriana, Jonas and Mason left for home and it was a sad day, however to keep our minds occupied we painted Greenforce signs for the camp! Later on we researched for our IUCN projects where each of us had to find out about a red list endangered marine species and present it to the … Read More

Bahamas report: week eight

A very exciting week! At the start, we all went to the Rainbow blue hole, which was in the middle of a mildly flooded forest. The path to it was a winding walkway on the limestone floor. At points, we had to wade through mini lakes that had formed because of the higher than usual rain quantity we’ve had this … Read More

Bahamas report: week seven

Monday was Nik’s last full day on the Island so we tried to have as much fun as possible. We started the day with a good old fashioned game of water rugby. The teams consisted of Charles, Adam, Taylor and Merv against Charlotte, me (Sam), Jake and Nik. It was a great morning and I am glad Nik was on the … Read More

Bahamas report: week six

This week started off with a bang!  It was Charlotte’s 18th on the Monday so we all went out to Androsia and bought her a gift while she was still with her family at Kamalame Cay.  When she came back to camp she brought cakes that her mum had made, they were delicious! We had lovely Poutine for dinner made by … Read More

Bahamas report: week four/five

On Monday we drove up north and on the way stopped in Nickels town to buy beautiful hand-crafted baskets. The woman explained to us how she made them which was fascinating. We continued north for our botany walk led by Charlotte. She pointed out the different types of plants and trees as the mosquitoes feasted on us. There was a large termite … Read More

Bahamas report: week three

On Monday night we made a trip to Jack’s for dinner which was fantastic and made a nice change from the usual beans on a Monday J. Wednesday morning we packed a picnic lunch and made our way over to Uncle Charlie’s Blue Hole where we spent a couple of hours. It was beautiful location and very fun for Sam … Read More

Greenforce Marine Conservation in Fiji – Thoughts from Mindy

Going to Fiji was one of the best things I could have done for myself.  It was an unforgettable experience and until you have done something like it, you will never truly understand what you are missing!  My biggest point of advice would be to go into it with an open mind and be ready to adapt to anything different/new … Read More

Trekforce Expedition Leader Training – Belize Overview!

Hello Avid Readers! Herein lies the “blog” for the TEL 9 course, which, as you can see, is about to be updated for the first time…ever! With only one month to go. Sorry about that! So really, it’s more of and overview than a blog, what with the lack of regular updates and amusing photographs, but you get the idea. … Read More

Bahamas report: week two

This week was the most exciting.  Monday came and we all went diving except for Charlotte and Nik as they had already completed their Open Water certification.  We went out just by the beach where it was still shallow.  When it came to taking our masks off under the water I panicked and had to get out of the water … Read More