Marine Conservation with Greenforce in The Bahamas – Stories from Jemma

Volunteering for Greenforce in the Bahamas is hands down the most incredible experience I have ever had. From a young age I have always been fascinated by marine life and so I decided to take part in a conservation project upon the completion of my degree.   Greenforce appealed to me mainly due to the Scuba Diving training, something I … Read More

Trekforce Expedition Leader Training Review

Trekforce Expedition Leader Training Review

Have you ever considered jacking in the rat race and doing something amazing for your career? Like leading expeditions that will change people’s lives and that grant you with the ability to travel the world and help to protect rainforests, create marine parks and support communities in some of the most stunning and remote places on the planet. At Trekforce, we … Read More

Marine Conservation & Diving in Fiji – stories from Hannah

Hannah has been volunteering on our expedition in Fiji, which involves the opportunity to dive some of the most stunning reefs in the world, whilst working with UNESCO and the Wildlife Conservation Society to protect the  amazing underwater life of the South Pacific. See what she had to say about her time in Fiji: Since the age of about 12 … Read More

Borneo Expedition – Mount Murud Trek – Part 2 (the summit!)

Day 4 – The Summit (Camp 2 – Summit – Rock Garden – Church Camp) Day four saw us awake totally unrefreshed, cold and wet and shortly afterward regretting that we ever got up at all. A blessed troop of gibbons did their best to get us going however, by swinging through the canopy overhead singing their glorious morning song. … Read More