Borneo Expedition – Mount Murud Trek – Part 2 (the summit!)

Day 4 – The Summit (Camp 2 – Summit – Rock Garden – Church Camp) Day four saw us awake totally unrefreshed, cold and wet and shortly afterward regretting that we ever got up at all. A blessed troop of gibbons did their best to get us going however, by swinging through the canopy overhead singing their glorious morning song. … Read More

Borneo Expedition – Mount Murud Trek – Part 1

Day 1 – Setting out for Mount Murud (Bario – Ukat – Pa’ Lungan) We arose to a glorious sunny morning with an abundant – and utterly naïve – sense of optimism. The eagerly anticipated trek – that would see us scale the highest peak in Sarawak (8110 feet) – was finally upon us and an air of excitement filled … Read More