5 Reasons To Make Costa Rica Your Next Travel Destination

‘Pura Vida’ ’is the national expression of Costa Ricans, a catch-all phrase that can mean anything from ‘hello’ to ‘that’s awesome’. Its literal translation is Pure Life, a term that captures the essence of this, the world’s greenest – and happiest – country; small but bursting at the seams with life.

Thinking of working while traveling in Australia?

Thinking of working while traveling in Australia? Every year millions of tourists make the trip to Australia and discover the meaning of, “Aussie life”. Some come to take a break from school, others may be intrigued by Australian culture. But it’s no doubt that staying in Australia long term has become high on traveler’s agendas. Prolonged stay means finding work … Read More

When is the best time to visit South America?

The enormous continent of South America is a well sought-after location for gap year travelers. As such, we often get asked: When the best time to join the South America Explorer program? However, in such a sizeable continent filled with a large variety of ecosystems and altitudes, this question can be a bit tricky to answer. During the first three … Read More

How to volunteer Sustainably in India

Lha Charitable Trust Volunteering is great way to contribute to a beneficial cause. But, not all volunteer programs are created equally. Gapforce aims for sustainability, and as such, we are committed to exerting a positive impact on the regions, countries and communities in which we send our volunteers and interns. This is no different in India, where the organization called … Read More

The International Year of the Reef

The International Year of the Reef 2018 is the third International Year of the Reef which aims to strengthen awareness globally about the value of, and threats to, coral reefs and associated Ecosystems. Today, we are faced for the first time with losing an entire ecosystem on which we depend.   If we succeed in saving coral reefs, we will not … Read More

Stepping Off the Beaten Path

So, you are thinking about a gap year… Today, this longstanding British tradition is gaining momentum in the US, with Malia Obama’s decision to take a gap year opening new conversations on direction of education and how to best empower young people to become global citizens. Questions such as these have led to a new era of encouraged college deferrals … Read More

5 Alternatives to University that will Brighten Your Day

5 Alternatives to University that will Brighten Up Your Day

It’s official. A-Level results day 2017 has hit the United Kingdom, and students throughout the UK will be celebrating or commiserating their A-level results this week. For many, the next big question is simple: what’s my next move – and what alternatives to university are available to me? While many will be heading off to university, the media is reporting … Read More

Jumping out of Planes and Volunteering in Oudtshoorn

Read the latest update from week 2 on our South Africa Adventure program, courtesy of Sam Leslie! On arrival in Mossel Bay there was a friendly and fun feel. In the hostel ,the area to sit and play games such as Jenga or Chess was greatly received, as well as the big kitchen and swimming pool! On the first day we relaxed and … Read More

India’s Bewildering Diversity

This week we read our final update from our team in India team who have travelled far and wide – experiencing an array of diversity in the last two months. At 8pm on May 21st, we carried our rucksacks through the dense night-heat to the bus that would transport us from the serenity of Udaipur to Mumbai – India’s financial capital. The journey … Read More