The International Year of the Reef

The International Year of the Reef 2018 is the third International Year of the Reef which aims to strengthen awareness globally about the value of, and threats to, coral reefs and associated Ecosystems. Today, we are faced for the first time with losing an entire ecosystem on which we depend.   If we succeed in saving coral reefs, we will not … Read More

The Blog – Week 4 in the Bahamas

Okay, so a lot of blogs these days cover some of the most mundane parts of human existence (such examples as ‘the train spotters guide to the north’ or ‘my month without washing detergent’ spring to mind) so if you expect to find ‘what I had for breakfast’ or ‘why I condition my hair after I wash it’ or any … Read More

Week 2 in the Sunny Bahamas!

Monday:  Laura and Megan finished off their last two dives of the open water course in the morning! They were now ready to join the others in more dives as well as tackle the Advanced Diver course with Anosha and Rolo. The rest of the volunteers spent their time in the shade revising fish identification features before their fish point … Read More

South America – Week 3 – Beaches

Mancora. Day one: After arriving nice and early some of us went to the beach and relaxed while others surfed. Just relaxed after traveling for a while. It was hot here and Tom decided he did not need sun cream, the sun decided differently. Here it was just nice to relax and take your time, no rush! Robin Louise and … Read More

Week 1: Welcome to the Sunny Bahamas!

The first week in the sunny island on Andros has been an eventful one. After two of us arriving on Friday it gave us the weekend to relax, get over the jet lag and explore the area before everyone else arrived the next day. Saturday we all had a welcome BBQ and then headed over the local bar “Timmys”for a … Read More

South America – April – Week 1

Spanish lessons After a day of sightseeing we packed up left the hostel and headed off to school! We would be learning Spanish, most of us had never spoken Spanish before so we were keen to learn as much as possible. We were split into 3 groups according to ability and previous experience.  First we learnt some useful phrases before … Read More

Week 9 Bahamas

Monday 9th March The weather isn’t looking too promising this week, so diving is off the cards for now. Instead, it has been arranged for us all to go to Forfar. When we arrived we were told that we would be kayaking out to an oceanic blue hole. On the way out we were battling against wind and waves, and … Read More

Bahamas – The week of the Turtles

It started off as a very windy week so diving was not an option, hence we ended up having lots of down time and so Sam decided to get us started on the coral lectures.  We finished learning about all 40 of them and then spent our own time trying to memorize and learn the corals so we could be … Read More

Bahamas Week 5

Sunday 08.02.2015 The day, which was supposed to be a lazy one. Once again this Sunday was the recovery day from the previous party night. Sunday is also internet day so naturally everyone seized the day and phoned skyped or facebooked back home.  But this Sunday was no ordinary for the four explorers Frank, Prasanna, Chris and Philipp and their … Read More

Bahamas Week 4 – January phase

Chris Gaskell – Weekly Blog A mixed week 4 for the volunteers.  After suffering our coldest night since we arrived (I know it’s winter, it’s just that……., well you know) and reading of huge snowfalls up in Boston we relish the sunshine of our Sunday of rest and relaxation. The “Rock” themed party continued into the small hours of Sunday … Read More