Know Before You Go: FAQs, Costa Rica Adventure

Program: Costa Rica Adventure Location: Costa Rica Duration: 3 or 4 weeks Every year close to 3 million tourists visit Costa Rica- that is the equivalent to the size of the entire population! These days a trip to Costa Rica seems to be on everyone’s bucked list: if you are one of the lucky many that are planning to visit … Read More

Expedition leader training

Know Before You Go: FAQS, Expedition Leader Training

Program: Expedition Leader Training Location: UK, Costa Rica, Panama Duration: 16 weeks   The Expedition Leader Training Course has a lot of moving parts and a huge number of important considerations, and the build-up to such an adventurous undertaking can seem daunting and fraught with uncertainty. Here we’ve put together our answers to seven of participants’ most frequently asked questions, … Read More

Borneo Jungle Gap Year


I awake in the Flying Camp. What is the Fly camp I hear you ask? Well, dear read, the Fly Camp is hessin sack suspended two branches above the ground; keeping one safe from the wet soggy ground below and all that lurks there- our only protection from Borneo’s vicious rains and howling winds.

Volunteering in Borneo

The Orang-utan Was In Her Room

It’s been a very exciting week. As you may have already heard from your loved ones, we have had some unexpected guests, Casey and Hamzah, the cutest orang-utan couple in all of Borneo; have found us foreigners quite interesting. For about 2 and a half days, they would visit us at camp. Sometimes they got too close though and would become destructive. So Desty encouraged us to scare them away. Batsum, the chef, is the best at this job…

Squirrel Monkeys

Meet Nibbler – Our Team Mascot!

We had a great start to the week with an awesome weekend in Banos. After our first week in at the animal rescue centre we were happy to check in to a hostel with a cozy bed! As soon as we arrived we saw signs for bungee jumps, rafting and mountain biking so we knew it was going to be an adrenaline filled weekend.

Hospital Volunteer in Costa Rica

Hanging Out With Some Giant Crocodiles

So having began our Costa Rican adventure in San Jose, being met by Meghan, we had an early start to catch the bus to Ojochal on Sunday morning. The drive over the mountains and along the coast was beautiful and after a quick stop to see some Giant Crocodiles just hanging out under the highway we arrived at Base Camp.

Gap Year Programs

Just A Machete, Knife and Lighter

Time flies when you are having fun. Yes I am talking about our time in the jungle. After our introduction to jungle at swamp camp going to Doug’s land for the second time came with no grudging or moaning from anyone on our team. Doug’s land is like a little slice of paradise compared to swamp camp. Although I am glad we spent time there and can see both sides of the spectrum…