Coral Nursery

Case Study: Costa Rica Coral Nurseries

Problem description A coral reef encloses its eco system like a protective barrier and ensures with this to provide a living space for thousands of different sea dwellers. Young fish are growing here, crabs are finding a protective natural resort in its caves and gaps. When corals die, it sets off a chain reaction. This also means sooner or later … Read More

Why You Shouldn’t Spoon Sharks

Stay up-to-date with this summary of the fourth week on our Bahamas Marine Conservation program in February 2017. Written by Rhiannon & Abi Our fourth week on Andros island has been a very productive one. With more and more volunteers becoming certified divers, we were able to dive almost every day; some of us even managing to dive twice on some … Read More

Looking Fresh In Our Androsia Shirts

Monday started with two dives in the morning to do some non-priority fish point outs. When we got back to camp we all did some serious cramming as our non-priority fish test was later on that afternoon. We all passed with flying colours so now we know almost every fish on the reef! We had our camp meeting to talk about the awesome week that had gone by and Victoria introduced us to a game called assassins where we each got given a place and item to ‘kill’ someone…

Update from Bahamas Marine Conservation Program

Roaming along the river bank

Monday In the morning the most of us were happy to wake up without a hangover and more sleep, so there were smiles all around. For the first half of the day the beginners were briefed on how to assemble their dive gear for the first time. After they finished there session, they were thrilled to have learnt something new. … Read More

Bahamas Gap Year

You’re So Beautiful Like A Butterfly

It has been a busy first week in The Bahamas. Our marine conservation volunteers have been getting used to their new home, food and lifestyle! Recent updates:   Saturday After a very short night the morning group met at the international airport in Nassau before heading to our camp on Andros Island. When we arrived at our camp the first thing to do was hanging on … Read More

Fiji July Phase – Week 2

First trip to the Village Navatu, where we were given families to take us in and introduce us to the local traditions and ways of a Fijians. We all enjoyed meeting the families and playing games with the children. As part of the Island life we all went to Church with the locals, and listening to the gospel singing of … Read More

Fiji July Phase – Week 1

Welcome to Fiji. Weather was great for the first few days, and then the wind turned and brought the wind and occasional rain to the camp. The group merged well, and everyone found that we got along great! Plenty of banter and shanter for some. The Camp food has been good, plenty of inventive ideas. How do you make split … Read More

Greenforce boat used for traditional Fijian ceromony

Greenforce had the honor of having our Fiji project boat being used for a traditional Fijian ceremony where one village passes “the light” onto another. All the volunteers were invited to join in on this traditional Fijian event!…

Bahamas April Phase (Week 7)

This week due to stormy weather we haven’t been able to dive much, however, the rain didn’t get us down too much. Monday through to Wednesday we finished off all our reef check tests and did some extra bits of education for example, Ian went through how a first and second stage works and showed us some of the moving … Read More

Bahamas April phase (week 6)

In between dodging thunderstorms (on the boat, at camp, while litter picking …) it’s been a great and eventful Week Six for Greenforce Bahamas. We’ve taught at the local primary school, had our dead skin nibbled off by the fish in the Rainbows blue hole (as weird as it sounds … but so soft!), and in the water we’ve checked … Read More