India’s Bewildering Diversity

This week we read our final update from our team in India team who have travelled far and wide – experiencing an array of diversity in the last two months. At 8pm on May 21st, we carried our rucksacks through the dense night-heat to the bus that would transport us from the serenity of Udaipur to Mumbai – India’s financial capital. The journey … Read More

Visiting the Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is as good as they say

This week our team of travellers update us after seeing the Taj Mahal on their Nepal and India gap year adventure. 14th May My blog begins on departure from McLeodganj. We swapped what felt like our home in India for 700 km of road and 20 hours of trying to find a comfy position. The destination was Agra – possibly the … Read More

Meeting His Holiness the 14th Dalai-lama

This week our team of passionate volunteers share another summary from their Nepal and India Adventure below.  After a long 7 hour drive we finally arrived in Amritsar. We were hit with the heat and the crowds of people trying to sell us various Indian memorabilia, but the events ahead made it all worth while. After a short break we made our … Read More

Teaching tibetan refugees

Welcome to India!

This week our team started their Indian journey, before making their way in to India. Anna shares her summary of the latest week on our Nepal and India Adventure program below.  Albeit sad to wave goodbye to half the group and leave behind the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu, our Indian adventure was calling! Our flight landed smoothly and, once off the … Read More

Volunteering abroad in Nepal

Our Final Week Volunteering in Kathmandu

This week our team finish up their time in Nepal, before making their way in to India. Eve shares her summary of the latest week on our Nepal and India Adventure program below.  Our final week of the Nepal leg of the trip was volunteering. For the past five days we have been helping out at the Prisoners Assisstance of Nepal in … Read More

Trekking Everest Base Camp Gap Year

13 Days Hiking Through the Himalayas

Max shares his summary of the second week on our Nepal and India Adventure program in April 2017. Our day began on the 8th April with an early start to get to the town Lukla. Unfortunately we had to wait for a while as the flight timing in Nepal is somewhat unreliable. The flight to Lukla was about as calm as can be expected for what is essentially a … Read More

Riding a Canoe on Crocodile-Infested Waters

Odette shares her summary of the first week on our Nepal and India Adventure program in April 2017. After months of planning, everyone finally arrived safely in Kathmandu. Although tired, everyone got stuck into meeting each other and tucked into MoMo’s (Nepalese version of a dumpling). The first couple of days were spent exploring Kathmandu and the local town, Tamal. We gave the guests custom … Read More