Australia Adventure 2019

Backpacking Australia: Where to Go & What to See?

Planning a trip to Australia? Well mate, you are going to need to learn a few things before you visit. Buckle up for an ancient land full of urban wonders. Australia is uniquely unexpected and a delight for the senses.

australia adventure

Know Before You Go: FAQS, Australia Adventure

Program: Australia Adventure Location: Australia (East Coast) Duration: 4 or 7  weeks   Australia is a backpacker’s paradise. Travel from Sydney to Cairns with a group of likeminded explorers in Gapforce’s Australia Adventure program. Most Australians live along the coast, which makes the cities a whole lot of fun. This seven week travel experience is full of excitement and wonder; … Read More

Working Holiday in Australia review of Ozforce

I had the pleasure of flying out to Australia  to meet some of the Ozforcers and the Ozforce staff down under to find out more about life in sunny Australia.   I was slightly disappointed about arriving in May, since I was informed to bring warm clothes, but being Australia, it was a balmy 28 degrees in the sunshine…in winter! … Read More