Money, we can print it.  Land, we can’t create once it’s gone

Money, we can print it.  Land, we can’t create once it’s gone We seem to have lost the wisdom of the indigenous people, which dictated that in any major decision, the first consideration was “How will this decision we’re making today affect our people in the future?” These days, decisions are made based on the bottom line- Jane Goodall While … Read More

Making our way to Cuenca

The Aftermath of Our Machu Picchu Trek

Stay up-to-date with this summary of the third week in South America, courtesy of the legendary Klara in Cuenca. This week we spent our last couple of days in Peru in a small town called Mancora along the northern beaches, very close to the border to Ecuador. View this post on Instagram Trying not to turn into a 🍅 A post shared … Read More

The Challenges of the Inca Toilets

Stay up-to-date with this summary of the second week in South America for our gap year travellers. On Jan 22 2017 we began our trek through the Andes towards Machu Picchu. A faint sense of apprehension hung in the air as we neared the mouth of our trail. The challenges ahead were all that were mentioned at breakfast, particularly that of the … Read More

Gap Year in South America

Adapting to Excitement in Cusco

Everybody arrived in Cusco after a long journey. Although we all felt really tired we still were super excited to be here. 18 Gapforcers from 5 different countries ready to explore South America. We all were…

Climbing Machu Picchu on our gap year

The Week We Climbed Machu Picchu

We woke up at 5am to pack and embark on the Salkantay Trek with our guide Omar. The first day was the shortest; we hiked for about two hours winding through the towering Andes. We arrived at the campsite, straw huts nestled into the valley. We hiked up to Humantay Lake – a crystal…

Volunteer with Shuar Tribe in South America

We’re Going To Miss Waking Up In The Jungle

After a fun weekend saying goodbye to Raul in Puyo, we headed back into the jungle for our final week, but this time staying with Estaban and his family in the Shuar Tribe.

On the first night we were given our Shuar names, I am now Shakap…

The Cheapest Cocktails In Happy Hour

With Machu Picchu done and dusted, we headed for the capital. 21 hours on a bus with ultra reclining seats was more than welcome so we could catch up on all the sleep we’d lost over our gruelling 5 day Machu trek. When we arrived, we instantly noticed a difference, slightly wishing we could be back in…

On The Fifth Day We Made It To Machu Picchu

It started at 4, on a cold Sunday morning. Sprits were high, people were excited.
It was then a 3 hour bus journey and an English breakfast without bacon: spirits were lower.
We then started walking up a hill. Spirits were non existent.

The Local Eateries Are A Bit Strange

The adventure began with the 35 hour journey to Cuzco, Peru. We then had a 10 hour wait in the freezing cold Peruvian weather worrying about all the shorts we had packed!
We spent the first couple of days bonding and exploring Cuzco, the highlight being…

We Carved Our Own Spears

After the animal sanctuary, we spend a night in Puyo and the next afternoon we headed off back into the Amazon to stay with the Shuar tribe. As it turned out tribes aren’t what they used to be.
We were actually staying with an Amazonian community. They still lived quite basic, but not as “tribal” as we had imagined. We had access to electricity; we had a kitchen of sorts which we stocked with food from a nearby town (we even had a fridge!); there was a shower, yet it was so weak we still used the river to wash in…