The Local Eateries Are A Bit Strange

The adventure began with the 35 hour journey to Cuzco, Peru. We then had a 10 hour wait in the freezing cold Peruvian weather worrying about all the shorts we had packed!
We spent the first couple of days bonding and exploring Cuzco, the highlight being…

We Carved Our Own Spears

After the animal sanctuary, we spend a night in Puyo and the next afternoon we headed off back into the Amazon to stay with the Shuar tribe. As it turned out tribes aren’t what they used to be.
We were actually staying with an Amazonian community. They still lived quite basic, but not as “tribal” as we had imagined. We had access to electricity; we had a kitchen of sorts which we stocked with food from a nearby town (we even had a fridge!); there was a shower, yet it was so weak we still used the river to wash in…

Squirrel Monkeys

Meet Nibbler – Our Team Mascot!

We had a great start to the week with an awesome weekend in Banos. After our first week in at the animal rescue centre we were happy to check in to a hostel with a cozy bed! As soon as we arrived we saw signs for bungee jumps, rafting and mountain biking so we knew it was going to be an adrenaline filled weekend.

Pascal. The Evil Parrot.

We arrived at the Sacha Yacu animal rescue centre Sunday night where we unpacked and ate dinner. Raul, one of the guys working at the animal rescue centre told us that it opened nine years ago, originally located in the town, before expanding and moving further into the jungle…

Peru Light Show

Oreo Milkshakes and Waffles!

A Trek to Machu Picchu during our gap year in Peru took a lot out of us. Physically. Emotionally.

How does one hope to quickly recover after trekking a gruelling four (even five) days, up and down high altitudes, across difficult terrains, scaling steep steps, pushing through searing blisters, agonising muscles, insect bites, scrapes, cuts, colds, sickness?…

South America Explore Gap Year

The less travelled Salkantay trail

Omar and Edwin, our guides for the trip gave us our maps which sparked the excitement for our trek ahead which started off properly with a lunch in Mollepata at 3400m. We took the less travelled Salkantay trail which after the initial incline was a flat trail along to the first campsite, Soraypampa at 3880m beneath the glacier Umantay (some of us were thankful for more than one sleeping bag!). …

South America Gap Year

Feeling like a gringo in South America

I have now been in Cusco 4 days. I am loving every minute. After the stress of 30 hour trip here and adjusting to altitude, I finally feel less of a gringo. I have already seen some amazing things. I have never experienced such vibrant colours and dazzling landscapes. The Choco museum was a great lot of fun too, especially the…