Borneo July 2013 Group

Arrival: After arrival in Palanka raya most of us happened to bump into each other on the plane coming over  which was great! That afternoon we waited for the rest of the group to arrive and then went back to  the base at Nyaru Mentang. This is where we saw our first orangutans, we set up in our little cabin … Read More

Belize Trekker Group (Week 1) – Basic Jungle Training

Written by Michelle Bos When, on the 12th of July, the crew returned to San Ignacio there is no denying there was a swagger in our step. When I say swagger, imagine the grimy hero of an action movie walking away from an explosion whilst putting on his sunglasses. The resemblance between us and that action hero was uncanny, except … Read More

ELT January Group updates

Day 48 14/3/13- Day 57 23/3/13 Advanced medical, learnt abit more about the medical side of expeditions, recognizing and diagnosing symptoms and how to treat some cases. Got to practice through scenarios and at the end we all had assessments through scenarios and written test which we all passed! A highlight of the week was chicken night, where we got … Read More

ELT January Group: 4th week

Day 21 – 23. 15-17/2/13 We had a belated pancake day in town which everyone loved! For the following days we chilled out in town, sorted out the lessons we would teach the Trekker group and getting any extra equipment we needed. Did get to see a Keel Billed Tucan which was awesome to see, very bright colours! Met the … Read More

ELT January group: 3nd week

Day 15 9.2.13 I did survive, night went fine, and I even had time to make myself a wood shelter and a shelf. A good intro to belt kit night although will have no hammocks, sleeping bags etc. We packed up and headed off to Waterfall camp! And what a camp! Quite hard walk but we kept singing which did … Read More

ELT January group: 2nd week

Day 8 2/2/13 Rain continues! The visitor center is now Glastonbury, my jungle boots are mud boots really! New rivers have actually formed through parts of camp, some hammocks are now on island and Dave has one going right under him! Tried drying wet clothes in hammock with me, not nice! Just makes hammock all wet! Few more lessons and … Read More

ELT January group: 1st week

Day 1 26/1/13 Made it to Miami after quite a long flight, not much entertainment though! Managed to get out the airport after what seemed hours of queues and after some confusion got to our hotel. Hotel was really nice so last bit of luxury before the jungle. Tried out the outdoor pool in the evening which was good after … Read More

ELT Wales: January group

Day 1 ‘The unexpected journey’ It all began as most big journeys do, up and early in cold old England. Made my way to London Euston and had a nice hour wait in the cold station as very early morning turned to early morning. Made my way to Chester where I met up with a few more people on the … Read More

The Greenforce Bahamas team prepare for the new phase

The Greenforce Bahamas team have been hard at work preparing for the new volunteers to arrive in January. After receiving a brand new engine for the boat they have decided on a bold new colour scheme (batman inspired black and red) to restore “Chickcharnie” the diving boat back to its former glory. Here are some photos of Adam (Bahamas leader) and Matt … Read More

ELT Belize: Favourite moments so far

The volunteers on our Expedition Leader Training course in Belize entered the jungle 4 weeks ago, since then they have learnt advanced jungle survival skills, completed solo nights, learnt how to plan for an expedition and have completed some advanced river crossings. Next stop for them is San Ignacio for some much needed rest, keep checking here for regular updates … Read More