Peru Light Show

Oreo Milkshakes and Waffles!

A Trek to Machu Picchu during our gap year in Peru took a lot out of us. Physically. Emotionally.

How does one hope to quickly recover after trekking a gruelling four (even five) days, up and down high altitudes, across difficult terrains, scaling steep steps, pushing through searing blisters, agonising muscles, insect bites, scrapes, cuts, colds, sickness?…

Week 9 Bahamas

Monday 9th March The weather isn’t looking too promising this week, so diving is off the cards for now. Instead, it has been arranged for us all to go to Forfar. When we arrived we were told that we would be kayaking out to an oceanic blue hole. On the way out we were battling against wind and waves, and … Read More

South America – Conservation in Ecuador with Greenforce

Our (mostly) young and promising volunteers start their adventures in the Ecuadorian capital, Quito. They left luxury and loved ones begind in their quest to make a difference, get to know amazing Ecuador and support it’s beautiful people. However, before they are let loose on various social and ecological projects across the country, it’s back to school for some crash … Read More

What is a Maasai Boma? What to expect living with the Maasai

Going on a Gapforce Expedition is like no other opportunity. We have incredible links with the communities we support and we’re proud to see our volunteers continually be welcomed into their cultures with such open arms. Our Tanzania project in Africa is particularly popular due to the opportunity to live and work with Maasai, whom we have been working with … Read More

New Fiji Medboat is in Operation!

Check out these new pics of our Fiji Medboat. It’s soon to be re-painted and branded as the brilliant little Medforce badass it is, but we wanted to show you a few pics in it’s “naked” form We have kitted it out with a full expedition medical kit and we have been advised our Medboat will be better equipped than most … Read More

Greenforce Bahamas Expedition – Brand New Video!!

Thanks to Jonty – volunteer extraordinaire from the Bahamas April 2011 phase. Check out his absolutely brilliant video from the Bahamas Expedition: Certainly makes me want to take part (loving the ending)! Find out more about the Bahamas Expedition here.

Volunteer Stories: Fiji Video from the lovely Ciaran

Continuing on with our theme on everything Fiji. Have a look at this absolutely brilliant video from one of our ex-volunteers Ciaran. This is what Ciaran had to say about his time in Fiji: Seriously best thing I have ever done. Fiji and the diving is world class, you are seriosuly spoilt. As for the friends you will make and the … Read More