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Know Before You Go: FAQS, South America Explorer

Program: South America Explorer Location: Peru, Ecuador Duration: 4, 7 or 8 weeks   Travel in South America comes with a guarantee of adventure, and part of the magic comes from encountering the unexpected sights, sounds and sources of excitement. That being said, whether you’re a first time traveller or a seasoned explorer, it can be useful to find out … Read More

Everest Base Camp Challenge – Participants’ FAQs

Introduction Compared to its larger Asian neighbours, Nepal might not seem like much. Yet this small country is a land of giants. Here live elephants and rhinoceros; snow leopards and tigers; crocodiles and pythons; and, as legend has it, the dreaded yeti.

5 Reasons To Make Costa Rica Your Next Travel Destination

‘Pura Vida’ ’is the national expression of Costa Ricans, a catch-all phrase that can mean anything from ‘hello’ to ‘that’s awesome’. Its literal translation is Pure Life, a term that captures the essence of this, the world’s greenest – and happiest – country; small but bursting at the seams with life.

St Luigi’s Community Volunteering and Swimming with Seals!

Read the latest update from week 3 on our South Africa Adventure program, courtesy of Dante Tejuso! For the second week in Oudsthoorn, school was back on so the after-school activities at the centre were too. In the morning, the boys were making cement bricks by hand, clearing rubble to make space for a garden and driving to the rubbish tip to … Read More

Gap Year Programs

Trumpet Tree Garden

We arrived at Somerset West late Sunday evening, after a long afternoon of driving. The road was stunning with a constant  changing landscape; vast farmland to dramatic mountain cliffs. We came across Gordon’s Pass just as the sun started to set across the bay. The Stumble Inn shuttle collected us and took us to take us into Stellenbosch. It was … Read More

House Luigi - South Africa Gap Year

After breakfast at Annie’s

Read the next part of the story from our South Africa volunteers. Monday, we began our week at the St. Luigi Scrosoppi Sorgsentrum/Care Centre. After breakfast at Annie’s we left for the township. The morning was spent learning about the history of the centre and what we would be doing during the week. It was amazing to see how they had created this … Read More

Skydive in South Africa Gap Year

Backpacking down the Garden Route

Read the next part of the story from our South Africa volunteers. Early Sunday morning we left Port Elizabeth, we all felt sad to leave but excited for the next part of our adventure; backpacking down the Garden Route. We headed for Island Vibe (the party hostel) at Jeffrey’s bay. We dropped off our bags and spent the morning shopping at … Read More

White Lions in South Africa Gap Year

Hanging out with Lions, Cheetahs… and the England cricket team in South Africa!

Read the next part of the story from our South Africa volunteers. Our first night at the Private Game Reserve, we immediately felt extremely overwhelmed surrounded by many new faces, noises, and smells. The first night didn’t consist of much sleep with the bats flying around our heads. The upside to not sleeping are the stars and the lions roaring. The … Read More

South Africa Week 1

Read the next part of the story from our South Africa volunteers. Week 1 – Port Elizabeth As we flew into Port Elizabeth we were greeted by magnificent views of its stunning coastline; golden sandy beaches, rocky shores and pristine blue water. The airport is very small and dubbed ‘The 10 Minute Airport’ as it takes no longer than that to reclaim … Read More

Update from our volunteers: South Africa 2015

We arrived at Port Elizabeth airport and met the rest of our group and leader, before spending our first night in a hostel on PE beach front. The next day, we made our way to the first adventure of the trip, game reserve. Our two weeks at the game reserve were an unforgettable experience, witnessing a pride of lions as … Read More