Thinking of working while traveling in Australia?

Thinking of working while traveling in Australia? Every year millions of tourists make the trip to Australia and discover the meaning of, “Aussie life”. Some come to take a break from school, others may be intrigued by Australian culture. But it’s no doubt that staying in Australia long term has become high on traveler’s agendas. Prolonged stay means finding work … Read More

Greenforce boat used for traditional Fijian ceromony

Greenforce had the honor of having our Fiji project boat being used for a traditional Fijian ceremony where one village passes “the light” onto another. All the volunteers were invited to join in on this traditional Fijian event!…

Bahamas April phase (week 3)

Week 3 started with a bang -literally- the island was hit by three thunderstorms which despite hindering one day of diving provided us with a late night light show that we all loved.  Due to the loss of dive time we haven’t managed to  get our Open Water under our (weight) belt this week but our plan is to be … Read More

Fiji: January phase

Today is the first time some of our January Fiji volunteers have seen civilisation for over 10 weeks and we are enjoying seeing their photos and hearing about their amazing experiences. Below are some photos of the camp and the volunteers spending time getting to know the locals. More pictures and stories to come!

ELT January Group: 4th week

Day 21 – 23. 15-17/2/13 We had a belated pancake day in town which everyone loved! For the following days we chilled out in town, sorted out the lessons we would teach the Trekker group and getting any extra equipment we needed. Did get to see a Keel Billed Tucan which was awesome to see, very bright colours! Met the … Read More

Greenforce Bahamas January Phase: Week 7

Four of us have started our rescue diver course and spent Friday practising rescue scenarios, we ended the day exhausted after carrying each other out of the water and up the beach several times. Everyone else had a nice relaxing day having their feet nibbled by fish in a nearby blue hole after all their hard work this week helping the Bahamas … Read More

Greenforce Bahamas January Phase: Week 6

On Monday, morning we took a trip to north Andros with Forfar to snorkel at a shallow wreck site. There were two large boats to explore and a very large porcupine puffer fish was spotted as well as a pilot fish we then stopped at a blue hole called Uncle Charlie’s which had a rope swing. During the week we had several lectures … Read More

Greenforce Bahamas January Phase: week 4

After a couple of weeks of high winds and choppy seas, the weather this week has been much improved meaning we were able to do much more diving. In fact there were a couple of days where the water has been like a millpond and diving was a dream! The non-divers have now all passed their open water course meaning … Read More

ELT January group: 3nd week

Day 15 9.2.13 I did survive, night went fine, and I even had time to make myself a wood shelter and a shelf. A good intro to belt kit night although will have no hammocks, sleeping bags etc. We packed up and headed off to Waterfall camp! And what a camp! Quite hard walk but we kept singing which did … Read More

ELT January group: 2nd week

Day 8 2/2/13 Rain continues! The visitor center is now Glastonbury, my jungle boots are mud boots really! New rivers have actually formed through parts of camp, some hammocks are now on island and Dave has one going right under him! Tried drying wet clothes in hammock with me, not nice! Just makes hammock all wet! Few more lessons and … Read More