Gap Year Programme in Südamerika

South America - Amazon, Andes and Machu Picchu

Probably no other continent like South America is so known for the relaxed way of life and pure joie de vivre of its residents. The people there are warm and await you with open arms, regardless of whether you are there for traveling, trekking or for volunteering!

Volunteering  & Trekking in South America - Amazon, Andes and Machu Picchu 

In addition to the friendliness of the South Americans, the breathtaking and diverse nature and the ancient ruins of the Inca are more than worth a trip there. Culturally a mix of Indian and Spanish culture, you will visit the most important sights and beautiful landscapes with us. Over the Andes to Machu Picchu, from Lima to the Amazon and on to the Galapagos Islands - all in one trip!

Our expeditions also include a variety of volunteering projects in which you can get involved. One highlight is, for example, our volunteer project, an animal sanctuary in the Ecuadorian Amazon!

Trek to Machu Picchu and volunteer with rescued animals on this Latin American adventure through Peru and Ecuador.
All Meals, Accommodation, UK Leader
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Liegen dir Tiere am Herzen? Dann begib dich in den Dschungel und erlebe unberührte Natur hautnah! In diesem einzigartigen Volontärprojekt kümmerst du dich um gerettete Tiere und hilfst gefährdete Tiere im Amazonas zu schützen.
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