Information for parents

Many parents have concerns about letting their children go out into the big wide world at the age of 18. So we want to take some of your concerns away from you.

One of the main reasons for a stay abroad organized by us is security on site. In principle, we do not have any “high-risk” countries in our program and we train our expedition leaders ourselves for the most part in our 4-month expedition leader course. We also ensure that our program participants have a contact person available around the clock.

For special programs, such as our Marine Conservation Program in Costa Rica and on the Fiji Islands, we expect a medical certificate in advance, which certifies the fitness for diving during the volunteer work. In this way, we reduce possible health risks to a minimum.

In addition, after booking, we set up a personal Gapforce page for each of our participants, on which all important information, e.g. the packing list, vaccinations, departure / arrival, etc. can be found.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions from attendees and parents. 

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“When I traveled the world, I found many people just following the same guide book, visiting the same places, and usually with the same people! So I created Gapforce to enable young people to go one step further. As a parent myself I want Gapforce programs to be safer than independent travel. Also by joining a Gapforce group of similar aged students, we all make a new set of global friends while gaining, maturity, confidence and ultimately employability. It can be difficult to let your child travel alone for the first time, but Gapforce volunteer aid programs, international internships or county group adventures all provide an exciting way to bridge the gap between education and experience ".
      Marcus Watts, Founder of Gapforce

BBC interviews Marcus about gap year safety.

With over 20 years of experience in the organization of structured stays abroad and 15,000 former adventurers and

Volunteers,  we will give you an unforgettable gap year too!