Outdoor education school trips abroad

About Gapforce outdoor education school trips

If you want to challenge your students both physically and mentally then you’ve come to the right place. For 28 years Gapforce has led the way in safe outdoor education school trips to some of the world’s most remote and stunning regions, including South Africa, Costa Rica and Nepal.

We are also involved with the expedition phase of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards, in which we have worked with a number of groups in locations further afield (and somewhat more adventurous) than the South Downs.

Our planning and execution of outdoor education school trips is meticulous. We use our Leader’s extensive knowledge and training to tailor expeditions for your group, designing a custom itinerary for each Gapforce school trip to ensure that pupils will remember their experience forever.

What do Gapforce outdoor education school trips involve?

Gapforce run outdoor education school trips that explore some of the world’s most beautiful remote wilderness areas, have breathtaking encounters with wildlife in their natural habitats, learn leadership and jungle survival skills and challenge themselves and each other with mountain treks to altitudes of above 5,000 metres.

Our outdoor education school trips give pupils the opportunity to search for the lost Incan ruins of Machu Picchu in Central America or to visit the world’s oldest tropical rainforests in Borneo. From trekking and pitching bashas to ziplining and white water rafting, there is something for every school.

What is outdoor learning?

An adventure environment in which pupils can build their determination and resilience while encountering challenges that will shape their character.

The health and safety of our Gapforce volunteers is paramount, and we have always been experts at ensuring that pupils on outdoor education school trips are challenged and able to test their limits while in a safe and controlled environment.

Our highly trained leaders are qualified in water safety, rescue training, wilderness medical training, incident management and first aid in order to manage the demands of outdoor education school trips, and they are ready to deal with any eventuality that may occur.

Sample Outdoor Education School Trip suggestions