Wildlife Conservation

Bahamas Marine Conservation

Duration 4 to 10 weeksPrices from from £2200
Protect the world's second longest barrier reef as a Marine Research Volunteer. Create our second Marine Reserve!
Bahamas, Marine Conservation, Marine Research, Volunteer
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Costa Rica & Nicaragua Expedition

Duration 4 to 8 weeksPrices from from £2000
Journey through Central America's hidden gems: Costa Rica and Nicaragua.
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Costa Rica Marine Adventure

Duration 4 weeksPrices from from £2450
Gain internationally recognised PADI qualifications & protect Costa Rica's Turtle population on the stunning Pacific Coast.
Scuba Diving, 3 PADI Scuba Qualifications, Sea Turtle Conservation
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South Africa & Mozambique Adventure

Duration 4 to 8 weeksPrices from from £2100
Journey through 4 Southern African stunning countries as a wildlife and community volunteer.
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South America Explore

Duration 4 to 8 weeksPrices from from £2400
Visit the Galapagos Islands and Machu Picchu in this Latin American adventure through Peru and Ecuador.
All Meals, Accommodation, UK Leader
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Sumatra Orangutan Protection

Duration 4 weeksPrices from from £2200
Assist vital conservation efforts in the Sumatra jungle and experience the incredible rainforest and wildlife it hosts.
Accommodation, Meals and Support
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Thailand Adventure

Duration 2 to 4 weeksPrices from from £950
Experience the best of South East Asia - including unique wildlife, teaching children and world famous Thai beaches.
Accommodation, Leader, Meals and More
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Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam - New!

Duration 4 to 8 weeksPrices from from £2200
Volunteer and backpack your way through South East Asia’s most sought-after destinations.
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