Why take a Gap Year?

Why a year?

First a gap year does not have to be a year. It can be any structured period of time that builds your education and advances your career. Education gives you the grades, a gap year gives you maturity and confidence to use your education.

When to take it?

You can join a Gapforce program in your school holidays, before going to university, during university or after you graduate. Just don't miss out; gain confidence, maturity, team work and leadership. A Gapforce program gives you the life skills that employers seek.

Any restrictions?

Our Gapforce programs are open to everyone, graduates and non-graduates alike. View the video to find out why Gapforce will make you more successful.


Click below to watch Alice and University Professors explaining why to take a gap project:

"People who take a gap year earn more money in their first job than those that miss out on a gap year"

Source One Poll/Gapforce survey of 3,000 graduates

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