Why should I take a Gap Year?

Just over a short decade ago (yes, feels like yesterday to us!) Prince Harry made the term 'gap year' commonplace when he decided to take part in some time out and vagabonding around the world. Amongst many other places, he took part in a volunteering project in Lesotho where he helped on the ground in Africa.

Today, gap years are one of the most popular way to take time out from education, learn new skills, grow self-awareness, and just generally have some time to process thoughts and experience before diving in to work.

What is a gap year?

Perhaps the first common misconception in understanding the idea behind a gap year: it doesn't have to be a year!

A gap year can really be any structured period of time that builds on your education and advances your career. Think about it this way: gives you the grades, a gap year gives you maturity and confidence to use your education.

You're probably thinking, a gap year means travelling, backpacking, volunteering or working around the world. You would be right! But there really is no fixed recipe, but a few common trends:

  • Gap years tend to be in-between life stages (and big life decisions!)
  • Travelling, backpacking, or volunteering are often involved.
  • Structured Gap Year Programs have become the most popular way to maximise the potential of your gap year!

When should I take a gap year?

Whilst the most common time to take a gap year is in-between high school and university, people from all ages and stages take a gap year (or multiple gap years!) in-between life stages and large life decisions.

Popular times to take a gap year:

  • Career gaps
  • During school holidays
  • Before university
  • After graduating university
  • During a sabbatical

Those looking for a career gap, short gap year programs (for example in-between university semesters), or a sabbatical, are all good times to take a gap year.

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"People who take a gap year earn more money in their first job than those that miss out on a gap year"

Source One Poll/Gapforce survey of 3,000 graduates

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