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Welcome to Medforce

MedForce provides professional, fun and exciting medical electives for university students in some incredible locations overseas! We understand that it's important to gain a rewarding experience in hospitals and clinics, but also go the extra mile to ensure you enjoy other amazing activities unique to the country you're in!

Our dedicated UK team and overseas leaders take away all the hassle of planning with our unique ready made elective packages.

About Medforce

Is Medforce for you?

Our programs are ideal for elective placements for a range of courses, however you can also join a programme to simply build your experience or to try something completely new!

A number of our placements are even available to those with no experience at all!

So whether you are just thinking about studying medicine, already at University or already in a career, we have a suitable placement for everyone!

For more information, call us on 0207 736 2769 or visit Facebook to find out more.

Why Medforce

Wilderness Medical Training

Suitable for students at all stages, seeking pre hospital training or hands on experience in demanding locations

Professional Medical Electives

Learn from: Remote Expedition Leaders, Combat Medic, BBC Expedition Doctor - gain real world experience

Global Hospital Electives

Gain medical confidence, keys skills, patient contact and expand your medical experience, all in amazing locations

We Sort Everything Out For You

Your Medforce Personal Advisor will prepare you before you leave. All ground arrangements are included so you save money and gain the maximum time learning

Make New Friends For Life

Departures every month, from two weeks or longer. Join us and meet medical professionals from around the world

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Fill in your details to receive an information pack containing program start dates, prices and a detailed itinerary.