STEM school trip

About a Gapforce STEM school trip

What better way to promote the teaching of science and mathematics and pupils’ enjoyment of the subject than to supplement their curriculum with a STEM school trip?

Finding the right destination for the study of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths can be a challenge due to the need for specific places or exhibits to visit. That’s why our Global City tours are the best fit for STEM due to the wide-ranging array of museums, exhibitions and architecture.

We use our 28 years of knowledge and expertise in order to deliver a world-class expedition design service, giving students the opportunity to embark on a personalised STEM school trip that meets all their learning objectives and more.

What to expect from a Gapforce science school trip

Our Global City tour in London provides a truly unique and unforgettable experience for students fascinated by technology and science.

Stun your students with historical artefacts at the world-renowned Science Museum in London. Allow them to investigate the history of scientific and technological endeavour with displays of flying machines including some of the first spacecraft.

Pupils can also explore modern challenges to science such as antibiotic-resistant superbugs and enjoy interactive exhibitions and IMAX screenings.

What to expect from a Gapforce mathematics school trip

A Gapforce Global City tour in New York City is just the thing for a STEM school trip focused on mathematics.

Aspiring mathematicians will be delighted by the National Museum of Mathematics, with its many interactive events and fascinating demonstrations. Pupils can engage in hands-on sessions led by expert instructors or explore the many creative exhibits.

Patterns shape and dictate the phenomena of the world we live in. MoMath is dedicated to showcasing the ways in which such patterns have been discovered throughout history as well as explaining their mathematical origins.

What are the benefits of a Gapforce STEM school trip?

At Gapforce we design school trips that go far beyond a simple day out, instead using our expertise to craft an experience that will inform pupils’ study of STEM subjects such as mathematics, science and technology for the rest of their years in education and beyond.

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