Gap Year Programs In Ghana

Why Take A Gap Year In Ghana

Ghana is often claimed to be the friendliest nation in Africa, so it's little surprise that so many people find it a fantastic destination for a gap year or first travelling experience. The capital Accra is a hub of energy and colour; as you move further afield you encounter stunning waterfalls, chattering monkey sanctuaries, vertiginous canopy walks, laid back beach party resorts and numerous other gems.

In addition to travel, Gapforce offers two highly enjoyable, career prospect enhancing programmes in Ghana: an internship in journalism and a medical volunteer programme.

Volunteer Projects in Ghana

Ghana is a great place to start your gap year volunteering. Poor state funding means education provision and the quality of teaching has a long way to go. Volunteering on one of Gapforce's sustainable programs in Ghana will give you an opportunity to inspire others and make the time you spend as impactful as possible.

Gap Year in Ghana

Gap Year Programs in Ghana

If Ghana sounds like your dream destination, the next step is to join one of our programs.

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