Religious studies school trips

About Gapforce religious studies school trips

In our increasingly globalised and cosmopolitan society, the study of world religion has never been as important to education as it is at the present moment.

At Gapforce we specialise in organising religious studies school trips in remote and fascinating locations, including the UK, Sri Lanka, India and Vietnam. We have been running expeditions designed to expand the horizons of young people and help bring them to a greater awareness of cultural, ethnic and religious diversity for the past 28 years.

All religious studies school trips run by Gapforce have custom-designed itineraries. This guarantees that all the learning objectives of the school trip are met and helps us to provide all pupils with an educational experience that they will never forget.

What do Gapforce religious studies school trips involve?

In the past Gapforce volunteers have had the opportunity to visit the wonderful frescos of the Dambula Cave Temples, adorned with over 150 images of the Buddha, and the famous relic in the Temple of the Tooth in Kandy, Sri Lanka.

Gapforce religious studies school trips to India have visited the Golden Temple of Amritsar, the most significant site of pilgrimage in the Sikh religion and Raj Ghat, the site of Ghandi’s cremation. Pupils also have the opportunity to visit the Temple of the Dalai Lama and explore the historic traditions of Tibetan Buddhism.

Pupils on school trips to the UK travel to Bath, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and explore the town’s Roman heritage, then visit the imposing neolithic structures of Stonehenge which have been associated with pagan and Arthurian myths and legends for centuries.

What are the benefits of Gapforce religious studies school trips?

On our religious studies school trips, pupils learn about the significance and complexities of religious culture and worship throughout history, from the present day to many thousands of years in the past.

Participating in one of our many Gapforce religious studies school trips is designed to offer pupils a unique insight into the lives and practices of another culture.

Sample World Religion School Trip suggestions