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Expedition Medicine & Clinic - Gapforce program

Join one of our groups for an action-packed 7 week tour combining travel & adventure with volunteering on Australia’s famed East Coast. Your journey begins in the awesome city of Sydney before heading north to Brisbane via the legendary Byron Bay. You’ll spend 2 weeks volunteering on an environmental conservation project - a great way to give back to this amazing country - before continuing north into Queensland.

Sailing on the Whitsunday islands, 4 x 4 jeep rides on Fraser Island and snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef are just some of the highlights. Your epic adventure ends with a week in Cape Tribulation, a stunning paradise where the reef meets the rainforest!

For those looking to stay on and work in Australia, why not add on our optional visa & work assistance package to set you on your way!


  • Check out Sydney’s sights on our harbour cruise
  • Try surfing at Byron Bay
  • Assist on a vital environmental conservation effort
  • 4 x 4 driving on Fraser island
  • Overnight sailing around the Whitsunday islands
  • Snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef
  • Visit Cape Tribulation, where the Reef meets the Rainforest

Week 1: Sydney

Arrive in Sydney where you’ll meet your leader and the rest of your group, and enjoy a welcome dinner and orientation. Your first week is packed with activities as you explore this incredible city and surrounding area. Activities include a Harbour cruise, a Blue Mountains tour and plenty of social activities!

Week 2: Sydney – Brisbane

Leaving Sydney behind, we begin our journey up the East Coast. First stop on the itinerary is Byron Bay, an idyllic town with great beaches and a vibrant coastal surf culture. Carrying on north we reach the Gold Coast and iconic Surfer’s Paradise. Our final stop this week is the vibrant capital of Queensland and an optional chance to visit the world famous Australia Zoo!

Week 3 & 4: Brisbane – Cairns

We continue our East Coast adventure as we head deep into the state of Queensland. Highlights on this leg of the journey include a 3 day jeep safari on Fraser island; the largest sand island in the world! 1 night sailing around the Whitsunday islands with visit to Whitehaven beach! And stop at the popular hang-out of Airlie beach.  Final stop is Cairns where you’ll be able to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, one of the 7 natural wonders of the world!

Week 5 & 6: Environmental Conservation Volunteering

Australia has a rich and diverse natural environment and spending time volunteering abroad on a conservation project will help to preserve it for future generations. By being part of a conservation effort, you are able to make a positive difference to conservation of nature upon which all life depends and is interconnected. 

We work with a number of different project partners including regional councils, national parks, museums, land care groups and other national conservation agencies. The exact project you work on will be determined by what is needed at the time, past groups have done land-care work with Green Space, helping to manage the ecosystem and environment in the Cairns area, which also helps protect flora and fauna and the Great Barrier Reef.

Week 7: Cape Tribulation

For your final week, we’ll take a 2-day-trip to Cape Tribulation – a breathtaking ecotourism headland where the Reef meets the Rainforest. You’ll stay in an eco reserve and enjoy both coastal and rainforest activities. Take a boat ride along the coast, hike along one of the many trails and boardwalks or speed through the rainforest canopy on a zip line! Return to Cairns for a final farewell party and airport transfer.

Optional Extra: Job Assistance Package

If you want to stay on and work in Australia after the 7 weeks, then why not add on our Job Assistance package to help set you on your way. This package includes 12 months jobs database access, SIM-card, RSA Bar Skills training course and a CV review and interview service.

Do you also want to know how to prepare for your Work & Travel experience in Australia? Just have a read here - our our article helps you getting prepared: Work & Travel Australia

What's Included

  • Pre-departure briefing and support
  • Airport pick-up
  • Gapforce Leader
  • Local guides and support staff
  • Welcome and orientation briefing
  • All accommodation
  • All tours on itinerary
  • Project donation
  • Meals listed in itinerary 
  • Social activities
  • 24/7 UK emergency back-up

You would like to join us over the summer holidays but don't have time to do the full 7-week program? No problem, we are happy to welcome you on board for a shorter period of time, if you are at least 18 years old!

Ozforce was amazing!! So much fun!!

Travelling Australia was amazing and definitely worth it!!! Going up the East Coast was the best part and the people I met were incredible!! The sites were amazing and so much to do!! Never a dull moment and the 6 weeks in Australia were incredible and you can stay on for longer as well making it worthwhile!!

Patrick, November

Incredible trip with Ozforce

I have recently returned from a short stint in Australia. I arrived in September to be greeted by the rep of OzForce, at the time Bec. She was so helpful and was always there when we needed here. The first 2 weeks she introduced us into Sydney life and showed us the ropes. Without her guidance I don't think my friend and I would have had such a good time during our 4 months over there. Having known people who tried to go about doing it themselves it seemed a lot easier with OzForce. Through OzForce I met some awesome people who I actually ended up living with in Bondi and travelling with in Australia. Bec helped me throughout my time in Australia and I was always in contact with her, as were the boys I was with, when travelling letting her know my next stop and my plans. I met some incredible people through my trip to Australia and my OzForce experience. If I was to do it all over again I wouldn't change a thing!!


An amazing experience

The first impressions of the place were breathtaking, a white sandy beach, not another person on the beach for miles in both directions and the people who I stayed with, well, I don't think there could be a better group of people in the entire world. Through the whole trip everyone looked out for everyone else and there wasn’t even one argument. Now down to business, to do the surveys that we needed to do we had to learn a vast amount of fish which wasn't easy, but the staff members there made sure that it was fun, they broke it down, made up little anecdotes to help us remember and sure enough I could probably still identify around 200 fish for you even now. When we knew what we were doing everyone was trained up so we could scuba dive and sent off to do our identification work. If the views on land were breathtaking then there isn't a word to describe how amazing it was underwater. Fear not, it wasn’t all "work", the members of staff made sure that we always had fun things to do like visiting the Blue Hole, arranging treasure hunts on rainy days and even taking us on one or two Shark Dives. Coming nose to nose with a shark isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but who else in the world can say they have done that? The one thing that I hated most about this trip was having to say goodbye to all my friends at the end, if I had it my way I would still be there right now!


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