Europe Tour

Beautiful sites, delicious tastes, and a joy to explore; Europe is the ultimate adventure. Being the most compact continent of them all, no matter where you are, you're literally just a few hours from a completely new world. 

This incredible tour will go the distance, taking you through Europe's greatest hits and must-see highlights. Explore London's great historical landmarks and walk along the canals of Venice. From the Eiffel tower to the ground where the Berlin Wall once stood – immerse yourself in the culture of Europe, and do it all with your very own group of brand-new friends!

Perfect for: Summer Programs and Multi-Country Trips

London Paris Barcelona Cote d’Azur Florence Rome Venice Vienna Prague Berlin Amsterdam

Europe Tour - Gap year program


  • Gapforce escape days take you off the beaten path to explore group adventure activities 
  • Sample 11 European cities in just 28 days, beginning and ending in London
  • Forget motorway sleepovers in cramped buses, and relax on international trains  
  • Adventure of your life time, with likeminded friends from all over the globe! 

London – Paris – Barcelona
Cheers! Enjoy a welcome dinner in London with your group. Followed by a full day to explore by visiting great historical landmarks – Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, and St. Paul's Cathedral. Next in Paris take a stroll down the Champs-Élysées, climb up the Eiffel Tower or visit the Musée du Louvre, home to the infamous Mona Lisa! Next stop Barcelona – the extraordinary church of Sagrada Família, the winding alleys in the beautiful Gothic Quarter, and the world-famous Las Ramblas.
Monaco – Florence – Rome
Next we head to Cote d’Azur following the coastline of the stunning French Riviera. Check out luxury yachts in the Marina, or spend the day at Port Hercules. From there, Florence has plenty to keep you busy with Renaissance piazzas and not far from the city of Pisa. Rome is your next stop - an ancient place to explore with the Colosseum, and the Forum and Palatine Hill.
Venice – Vienna – Prague
In Venice you'll find many magnificent churches and palaces and the Grand Canal full of gondolas will leave you in awe. From there we cross the border into Austria and visit Vienna full of imperial history with exciting contemporary museums, lively eating and nightlife scenes, and many quiet corners to explore. Your next stop is Prague, located aside the Vltava (Moldau) River, explore the cobbled streets of the city centre, countless old churches and courtyards.
Berlin – Amsterdam - London
Berlin is a must see destination after successfully uniting its own East and West with reminders of the events of the 20th century. From there we continue into Amsterdam. This compact city is the perfect place for a farewell group dinner and night out with friends! We then make our way back via Brussels to London when your European adventure comes to an end.
Gapforce Escape days
Time to take it easy and relax with either a beach day, a visit to the mountains, or enjoy the serene countryside.

4-weeks: $5500

For available start dates check out the 'Dates & Availability' section below - you may need to scroll right to view the prices and book on! You can secure your place on your chosen adventure with a deposit of either $300 or 10% of the trip price, whichever is higher. The remainder is paid leading up to the trip departing.


To secure our lowest price we recommend you book at least two months before departure - prices will rise exactly two months before the trip begins.

What's included:

  • Pre-departure support
  • Airport pick-up (from Heathrow only)
  • Gapforce Expedition leader
  • All accommodation for the duration of the trip
  • 28 Breakfasts
  • 14 group dinners
  • Transfers between cities on the itinerary
  • Two Gapforce Escape Days
  • 24/7 UK emergency backup
  • Return airport transfer (to Heathrow only)

What is not included:

  • Flights to/from destination
  • Travel Insurance
  • Visa & Vaccinations
  • Spending Money
  • Local city transport  
  • Entrance fees to attractions (excluding Escape Days) 
  • Lunches and 14 dinners
  • Tipping & Gratuities

How much spending money do I need?

Knowing how much to budget can be troublesome, because it’s hard to predict exactly how many optional activities you’ll want to take part in or attractions you will want to visit, and you can do the trip on a shoestring or more opulently depending on your preference. We advise you to budget approximately £100-£150 per week to cover items not included in the itinerary such as additional meals, drinks, snacks, city transport and optional activities.  

What is the food like?

One of the best parts of the program, savouring Europe's diverse range of culinary delights! From pizza in Rome to baguettes in Paris, there's no shortage of delicious food available at your fingertips! 28 breakfasts and 14 group dinners are included in your program fee. All other meals are at your own expense. At most cities, you will have the option to use kitchen facilities in hostels or dine out.

What type of transport will I be using?

You are responsible for your flights to and from Heathrow Airport in London. Airport transfers are included. Internal travel throughout the trip will consist of a range of transport types, including trains, public buses, metro and taxis. After arrival at your accommodation in a new place, you will be responsible for your own travel within the city using the local transport network where touring by foot is not possible.  Please give us a call for more information on individual journey details. 

Where will I be staying?

You will stay in a variety of hostels with shared bathroom facilities throughout your trip: these will all be shared accommodation spaces with members of your Gapforce group. 

Who takes part in this program?

This program is for anyone looking to join a group of intrepid explorers on an epic 28 day tour of Europe, taking in no less than 11 iconic cities!  There is no prior experience required, although the minimum age is 18 and you must also have your doctor sign our medical form confirming you are medically fit to participate. A reasonable level of fitness is required to participate, and if you plan to take part in any open-water based activities without a life-jacket eg beach swimming or surfing, you must be able to swim 200m.

Who will be supervising me?

Throughout your trip you will be accompanied by a Gapforce Expedition Leader. In each city, your leader will be on hand to make suggestions of things to see and do to help you make the most of your short time in each location, whilst you and your fellow group members are free to explore the sights that are of most interest to you. With the group all potentially wanting to see and do different things, your leader will not be able to accompany you to every attraction but they will be contactable at all times and will remain in the vicinity to assist if needed. The two escape days are two exceptions to this where everyone takes part in an organised group activity.  

*Please download the program brochure for full details!

Incredible Intro to Europe

As a sort of introduction to Europe, this trip was fantastic. I had tons of fun and learned a bunch everywhere we went and got to know myself a whole lot better.Being able to have all the travel and lodging planned already was a blessing. It meant that I had the time to figure out exactly what I wanted to do with the freedom we all had in each city. I loved exploring with the group, but some days I just needed to take advantage of the opportunity to go off by myself and do whatever I wanted to do and have some time alone.I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this trip to someone looking to step out of their comfort zone and discover Europe.


My Experience

The past 25 days have been a life changing experience. I got to see so many cities and countries and I got to meet so many new incredible people. As a recap, I started off in London where I met Terry, Ben, Zoe, Hannah, Josh (aka Joey), Shannon, Lung-Hou and Megan. We travelled to Paris, Barcelona, Monaco & Nice, Florence, Rome, Venice, Vienna, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam and back to London. We shared so many adventures and new interesting experiences together. The real truth is that there was a little tension towards the middle/end of the trip because when you spend 24 hours every day for 25 days with the same 8 people, you see them for who they really are-you see them at their best and at their worst-rather than for who they wish you to see. But looking back now, here at home, I already miss them all because I was with these 8 people, and only these 8 people for 25 days across the ocean, far away from the comforts of home and my family, sharing these mazing experiences with them. From getting lost in Paris with Zoe; the train ride from Paris to Barcelona with Terry, Ben and Josh; being on the brink of heat stroke in Nice and Ben running to get me water; spending the stressful day in Rome with Hannah; wandering the alleys of Venice with Hannah and Lung-Hou; the long late night chat at the hostel in Berlin with Terry on his birthday; the evening I planned my day in Amsterdam with Megan; exploring London with Zoe and Lung-Hou; and finally saying goodbye to everyone at the hostel where we started. Along the journey I have also made many friends not on the trip. The first was Peter who I played cards with and talked to in Barcelona, who we met in Rome, Vienna and Prague again as he was there the same time we were; Lou in Venice at the hostel who tagged along and watched fireworks with the rest of us; Nicole and Monica who I met at the hostel in Prague and then spent the next day with exploring Prague; Matt, Danielle, Jeff and Ronan who I played cards and talked with at the hostel in Berlin; Keaton and Jackson who I met while waiting in line for 2 hours at the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam and who walked through it with me. Thank you to Lauren for organizing this whole trip-it was an amazing experience and I hope to actually meet you in person someday! Thank you to everyone on the trip and to all the people I met along the way for making this an amazing experience that I'll never forget. A special thanks to Terry for everything he's done on the trip-gotten us to trains and hostels, stopped me from getting heat stroke and overall made the trip the best I could have hoped for! I enjoyed travelling, spending time with and getting to know you Terry over the past 25 days, I already miss you and our deep conversations very much and hope to see you again very soon! I am happy to be home now, but I miss everyone very much and hope to meet you all again someday soon. I love all of you very much and wish you all the best! Until next time.


Florence, Italy

One of my many favourite memories of the trip was being in Florence. To begin with we stayed in a wonderful old house just outside the main square. I shared an apartment with the girls which included a balcony with a lovely view of old stone houses and cathedrals. I spent the day wandering around the city, walking across the Ponte Vecchio bridge, finding little shops ran by locals and accidentally ending up at the Boboli Gardens where we wrote in our journals or relaxed. After having dinner in the evening we decided to climb a hill where we watched the sunset over the beautiful city.


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