Fiji Marine Conservation

Fiji Marine Conservation - Gap Year program

Join the Fiji volunteer marine survey group, and you’ll soon find yourself living on a stunning South Pacific island being taught how to dive in the crystal blue Pacific Ocean. Spend your days diving on exquisite coral reefs assisting with the local management of marine protected areas.Contribute to national efforts to conserve Fiji’s delicate coral reefs and marine ecosystems while living on a stunning South Pacific Island.


  • Explore the pacific ocean and learn about its inhabitants
  • Become an experienced PADI qualified diver
  • Learn about the local Fijian culture
  • Make a difference working on a vital project
  • Make friends and memories that you’ll never forget!
Learn to become an experienced diver – We will train youto PADI Advanced Open Water level so that you can complete project work effectively and dive with the best, as well as PADI Emergency First Response qualification!  By the end of our program, you will be diving like an expert with memories to last a lifetime!

Learn how to protect the reef – Our expert scientists will teach you how to identify animal and coral species, how to monitor marine movements and complete underwater reef surveys, and how to ensure that the reef stays intact for generations to come! These classes will give you the knowledge to effectively complete your research and open you up to the mysteries of the underwater world!

Weekly community visits & free time – Volunteering abroad in Fiji not only allows you to participate on programs assisting disadvantaged communities or endangered ecosystems, but it also offers wonderful opportunities to travel in the local area in your down time.

Fiji is a beautiful and exotic destination where you willfind picturesque white sand beaches, world class dive sites, and Fiji’s famous culture of hospitality and warmth. As an island nation, many of your potential activities are water based! Starting locally, just a short boat ride away you can visit the famous pod of dolphins that reside all year round on Moon Reef orhike into forests and swim in hidden waterfalls or visit one of Fiji’s famous island resorts.

What is included

  • Comprehensive pre-departure pack & support
  • UK Briefing Day
  • Airport pick-up (on group arrival day)
  • Arrival orientation by our local partner
  • Beach front accommodation
  • All meals (unless otherwise stated)
  • All project training by experienced staff
  • All science training
  • All technical Dive equipment
  • All dives
  • 24-hour Emergency back-up
  • Weekly community visits
  • Social activities
  • Return Airport transfer (on group departure dates)
  • T-shirt

Why Fiji?

"Volunteers on this program get the opportunity to learnto dive in a unique tropical environment and progress quickly, leaving as anexperienced diver. They work very closely with the marine scientist to learn toidentify almost everything in the ocean and conduct coral reef surveys, whichimproves their diving even further."

Hannah Govan – Gapforce, Fiji

Home from home

My experience of the project in Fiji was one of those rare moments where you think it's too good to be true but the penny just never drops! Nukubalvu is set on an idyllic island and as soon as you arrive it just feels like home. The staff were amazing when I arrived, super friendly and easy to talk to as we'll as really knowledgable about Fijian culture. Going to the local village was a highlight; you are given a family who feed you, give you a bed to sleep in and copious amounts of tea every Sunday (and if you get Ma she hides you when it's time to drink kava!) It may sound quite daunting having to spend a whole day with a family of people you don't know and away from your friends at first, but everyone in every village I visited was so welcoming and kind you soon look forward to spending a relaxing Sunday in their houses! I stayed for two phases on camp, first as a volunteer then as the scientist's assistant - couldn't bear to leave! We started learning to identify fish, inverts and corals straight away and although it seems like a lot of work to start with it's not that hard to learn them all if you just put in a little bit of time and effort. The diving is incredible too; it's always magical floating around underwater but it makes you feel really quite clever when you can recognise all that you are swimming next to! I managed over 150 dives over two phases out in Fiji and never did I find one dive to be the same as another- you always see something different and cool so never ever pass up the chance to go in the water, you never know what you are missing out on!! Best months of my life. I've met some amazing people, seen some fantastic animals, adopted old Walasinger as my pooch (any food you don't eat give to him, he will appreciate it more than anyone) - safe to say I would jump back there in a heartbeat.

Claudia, Female

The best time of my life!

Since the age of about 12 I have been looking forward to my gap year it kept me going through school and A levels; and what a year it has been! Without a doubt Fiji was the best time of my life! At points it was hard, especially the first couple of weeks getting used to the basic living accommodation. However, I would like to think seeing how the 'other half live' has changed my aspect on life and popped the middle class bubble that I used to live in back home. You can see pictures of other cultures in the news paper or watch documentaries on TV but you can only truely know another culture when you've spent time with them. One of the things I loved about Fiji was the fact we got to spend every Sunday with the local people, which made it more than just a gap year program for me. I have a friend who did a wild life conservation project in Africa for her gap year with a different company and although she had amazing time, in the 3 months she was out there never once did she have a conversation with the local people. So in that sense gapforce stand out from other gap year programs for me.I could go on for pages about the diving, put this way the under water world in Fiji is incredible. Even if your having bad day as soon as you stick your head under that water it just brings a smile to your face. The colours are so vibrant and diversity of life is like none I have ever come across anywhere else before. From the smallest Nudibranch to a huge Zebra shark, the under water world is amazing. Your fellow volunteers will come your best friends and you will know them better than your friends at home. If I have any regrets about Fiji though, is that I did nt travel around the island afterwards as it would of cost me PS200 just to change my flights. So my advise to anyone going to Fiji is book your flights home at least 2 weeks after the phase finishes. To any future volunteers/ people looking to travel who are reading this, just do it and you won't regret it! If money was no option I would do every single program Gapforce has to offer.

Lauren, England

A Diver's Paradise!

When the sun shines down upon the glistening blue sea, it's not hard to remember why you traveled to the ends of the earth in search for this diver's retreat.We've all come to treat the camp as home and the people who live here as family (as there's no getting away from them ;-) )Everyone is feeling on top form this week as the majority of us are now qualified Advanced Open Water divers, and the guys who joined later on in the phase are powering through their PADI manuals in order get into the water ASAP!The Greenforcees are in the process of being survey trained, with the aim to start practice in-water surveys as early as next week. We have to complete 30 surveys at 5 different sites, which as much of a daunting task that seems now, Head Scientist Hannah says she's confident we'll get the job done in time for us to enjoy plenty of fun dives towards the end of phase.With the arrival of the new doctors and a bunch of enthusiastic medical students; Medforce has well and truly kicked into action.With much talk over tropical diseases, making the rest of us a bit queasy!The food has surpassed everyone's expectations so far. The simple rice and beans we were expecting is now a mere after thought compared to what we've been conjuring up. Flatbread, Pasties, Banana bread, it's all been amazing. Infact I think" Phase 34 Fiji 2013: Rice and aubergine 100 ways" should definitely be published!The camp is excited for another friday night pub quiz which went down really well the first time round, though things did get a little heated over point scoring and potential cheating antics by some of the volunteers...The weekends fly by on camp. Saturdays are spentchilling, and a few weeks ago we took a trip to a natural golden sanded spit which only appears at low tide. we're hoping to make a return trip with the newbies soon.Sunday is always village day. Where upon the girls adorn their Bula dresses and the lads their sulus. Everyone looks very part, if not a little hot in the usual blazing sunshine. We each have a host family, who cook us breakfast and lunch (which is always really tasty).We also have the honour to join the community in church, where the singing is better than most church choirs I've ever heard.Well what else can I say about camp Nukubulavu, the people are great, the food is too, but above all the diving is amazing and we all know how lucky we are be to here. ( even you do end up sharing your bed with the occasional spider!)

Nicola, Bournemouth

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