Dive Instructor Training

Join our world-leading 12-week Dive Instructor Training Course in Costa Rica. Become an internationally approved Dive and First Aid Instructor with Expedition leadership & Resort Management skills and great job options.

More than just a Dive Instructors Course, you will learn how toset up, budget, plan and lead a Marine Dive Program. In addition, you willlearn survival skills, motivation, leadership, budgeting, boat handling andmarketing. Plus, the top performers from the course will gain paid employment.


·        Expedition Safety and Planning

·        Dive Resort Marketing and Management

·        PADI First Aid Instructor

·        PADI Dive Instructor 

·        PADI Dive Master

·        PADI Advanced Open Water Training

·        Train to lead Marine Conservation and Diving Expeditions

Who can apply?

The minimum requirement to join this course is that you musthave held your PADI Open Water certification for at least 6 months and done atleast 30 dives. If you don’t have 30 dives, then just add our “ExtraDives Option” when you book and we'll organise an extra one or two weeks ofdiving to the beginning of your course. This course is also perfect for qualifiedDivemasters looking to develop their career, and they can join a shortened 7week course.

Arrival - let`s get started!

On arrival in SanJose, you will be transferred to the beautiful beach town of Quepos on the Pacificcoast where the Dive School is located. During the next 12 weeks you willcomplete the following key training. Please note, the order of the training mayvary but will all be completed during your course

PADI Advanced, EFR & Rescue – 1 week

During your firstweek, you will complete your PADI Advanced, EFR and Rescue Training. Thesethree certifications complete your recreational dive training meaning that youcan move on and begin the first step of your Professional Dive Training 

PADI Divemaster – 4 weeks

For the next 4 weeks,you will be working towards your Divemaster certification. Your training duringthis phase will become much more hands-on as you learn to become a leader andtake charge of activities. Aa large part of your training at this stage willinclude assisting with student divers as you develop your teaching skills

Resort Management – 2 weeks

Many Dive Instructorschoose to work at resorts, and some go on to start their own dive centres so anunderstanding of how a resort operates is a great way to give yourself ahead-start and make yourself more employable. The main area of learning duringthis phase is Resort Operations and it also includes further PADI Training inthe form of Self-Reliant Diver and Marine Conservation & Research

Expedition Leader Training – 2 weeks

As part of yourtraining, you will spend two weeks away from the Dive Centre as part of ourindustry-leading Expedition Leader Training Course. You will link up with oneof Trainee leader groups in the rainforest to learn key leadership skills thatwill be highly valuable should you look to be leading marine expeditions in thefuture. The training during these two weeks typically includes ExpeditionSkills training, project management and Expedition Planning

PADI Open Water Instructor – 3 weeks

The final stage ofyour training will enable you to become a fully qualified Open Water ScubaInstructor. During this phase of training you will complete your and EFRInstructor course and Instructor Development Course culminating in yourInstructor Examination. For your final week you will work towards your MasterScuba Diver certification, a fun 5 day course allowing you to qualify as a PADISpeciality Instructor.

Job Support upon completing the course

Dueto the high skills content of this course, there are opportunities forgraduates to be offered paid employment either leading one of our MarineConservation projects or working at the Dive School in Costa Rica.

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  • Duration: 12 weeks
  • Departures: February, April, June

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