Marine Scientist Training

Gain valuable experience in Marine Conservation, either as a way into the industry or as a platform for further studies. Based on our Marine Research Station in the Bahamas, working with the Andros Nature Conservancy and Trust to create a new Marine Park and Bahamas first "Green Nature" Island, you will learn globally accepted Marine conservation techniques.


  • PADI Marine Conservation qualification‹
  • PADI Specialities
  • Boat Handling
  • Conservation Management
  • Internship or paid job options!

Dive Training - We provide PADI Open Water & PADI Advanced Open Water Training as well as Emergency First Response Training. We are accredited as a PADI Dive centre with fully certified instructors. Gain your education with us and jumpstart your career!

Marine Science Training - Learn about the underwater environment when you dive! We will teach you marine biology, conservation techniques, tropical ecology and more. We offer advanced PADI training, PADI underwater navigator training and PADI Project AWARE Fish Identification Course to enhance your education. Make the most out of your training!

Reef Surveys - Apply your knowledge! Work with our partners, the Andros Nature Conservancy and Trust, to protect the reef by surveying and collecting data used to sustain the environment. Help make a difference and make a lasting environment so that the reef can be around for generations to come!

Marine Conservation & Dive Management - Once you become an expert diver, take your knowledge further by gaining boat handling experience, survey dives, and archive sessions & science. On completion of the course, those who have a relevant degree will be considered for a role as Chief or Assistant Scientist with Gapforce, and for those without a relevant degree there is the opportunity to stay on as a Trainee (all expenses covered) for an additional phase. Don’t miss out!

Community Involvement - Come up for air once a week and volunteer on projects and activities with the local children of Staniard Creek. From basic lesson plans teaching about fish to teaching children to swim, make a difference in a child’s life. (Please note: During the July-phase the school is closed due to summer holidays).

What's Included

  • Unlimited Scuba diving!
  • PADI Open Water, Advanced Open Water and Emergency First Response qualifications
  • PADI Underwater Navigator, Project AWARE Fish Identification and Gapforce Distinct Speciality qualifications
  • Technical dive gear, including BCD’s, regulators, tanks and dive weights
  • Introductory marine conservation and science training
  • Marine survey training
  • Conservation and dive management training
  • Comprehensive pre-departure support & video briefing
  • Experienced Gapforce Leaders supervising throughout the program
  • Airport transfers
  • Welcome and safety briefing
  • All accommodation
  • 3 meals a day
  • Organised social and day-trip activities
  • 24/7 UK emergency backup

Why I chose Marine Scientist Training

"The program is designed to give people who are interested in operating in the marine environment a solid grounding in theory and practical application. It's a unique experience for 2 main reasons: students who are looking to take a gap year with a purpose recieve invaluable life experience. We live in a communal environment that requires getting along in a diverse group of people. Students who want to go on to take marine biology at university get the chance to add field experience to their CV. Secondly, the Gapforce Bahamas location is situated on the third most extensive barrier reef system on the planet, containing examples of the most intact coral reef habitat found anywhere in the world. This alone is a unique opportunity, to experience a location still relatively untouched by the activities of the developed world and to contribute to keeping it in a healthy condition."Ben Vieyra, Chief Scientist

Love the Bahamas

The Bahamas has always been on my bucket list, so when I found a project that was based there and had marine conservation, I jumped at it. I arrived on base with no experience in marine conservation research. We did a few dives to get comfortable with the reef then started our marine science training. We started with Coral, Fish and Substrate ID training. It was very interesting to learn about the different species of fish and corals, as well as how they worked together. Once we completed our theory on the ID part of the program, we moved back into the water where we started in water id tests. It was a lot of fun for all of us.We passed our tests and moved on to learning how to complete reef surveys. The surveys are made up of three parts, Fish ID, Coral ID and Substrate ID. We all took turns doing different surveys, only once we had complete three surveys in each segment did we become qualified ReefCheck ECODivers. All the surveys we completed where submitted to the ReefCheck database, we had already started contributing, which was very rewarding.One of my favourite parts of the program was the Lion fish education. Lion fish are an invasive species, we were taught about the measures that are been taking to cull them and I assisted with teaching the local community about the lion fish.Working with the summer school program and then with the primary school was incredible fun, we taught the summer school kids to snorkel and basic conversation practices. When the school year started I worked with the Grade 1 class. Myself and two other volunteers taught the kids about conservation. We all loved this part of the program as the kids were so much fun to work with.During all the training and diving we did squeeze in some fun, we spent time exploring the island where we had the opportunity to interact with the local people. The festivals are something that you must experience, the people are all so friendly and always willing to stop and have a chat.Some of the best days on the program where spent at the many Blue holes on Andros. I was lucky enough to dive a few which was truly amazing. When we learnt about how they were formed and that all of them are connected, it really is amazing.I would not change a thing about my trip. I loved every second and would go back in a heartbeat.When thinking of the diving or the community work or the social side of it, it always brings a smile to my face. I have made friends that I will have for a very long time and I have learnt so much.Truly one of the best things I have ever done!


Marine Scientist Training Program Andros Island

Volunteering and interning at Greenforce Bahamas was one of the most fulfilling and exhilarating experiences of my life. Not only did I learn to scuba dive to the level of Rescue diver but I was able to make life long friendships with individuals from all around the world who shared the same passion as me. Along with scuba diving the third largest fringing reef in the world every day, I also learned over 100 fish and coral species and carried out fish and benthic surveys for the Atlantic Gulf Rapid Reef Assessment. Living on Andros Island gives you the true island experience where one can completely immerse themselves in the Bahamian culture. The staff on site were very knowledgeable and eager about their jobs and duties and helping the volunteers accomplish what they came for. If you are looking for a program that is both educational and actively fun I highly recommend either the Marine Scientist Training or Marine Conservation Program.

Nicole, USA

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  • Duration: 12 weeks
  • Departures: January, September

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