Gap Year Programs In Thailand

Why Take a Gap Year in Thailand

Luxurious palaces, paradisiacal beaches, mind bogglingly ornate temples and really great food have established Thailand as a popular travel and gap year destination. Gapforce’s longstanding partnership with an elephant sanctuary allows gappers to get off the beaten track and contribute in a sustainable way to the preservation of Thailand's wildlife, whilst taking advantage of all the opportunities for relaxation and adventure the country has to offer.

Thailand is, quite literally, the most renowned gap year and backpacking destination known to man. From the culture and street food on offer in Bangkok, to the nightlife and full moon parties, Thailand has more than its fair sure to take your breath away. Get ready for tropical landscapes and vibrant interactions that will broaden your mind and change your life.

Gap Year in Thailand

Gap Year Programs in Thailand

If Thailand sounds like your dream destination, the next step is to join our program.

Experience the best of South East Asia - including unique wildlife, teaching children and world famous Thai beaches.
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