ELT January group: 2nd week

Day 8 2/2/13

Rain continues! The visitor center is now Glastonbury, my jungle boots are mud boots really! New rivers have actually formed through parts of camp, some hammocks are now on island and Dave has one going right under him! Tried drying wet clothes in hammock with me, not nice! Just makes hammock all wet! Few more lessons and some medical training, 100% I don’t want to get burnt, some gruesome stories and sounds horrible the way it’s treated! Took another walk to a different watchtower but unfortunately not a great view with all the clouds, blanket of white! Terry gave us some entertainment by eating a live cricket, meant to be good protein or something apparently! Maybe I’ll try one day!

Day 9 3/2/13

The other Tel group left and headed off to their next camp. We had a practice dealing with an incident, so we went off to try find Fred! Felt like a move running around with the rain coming down very heavily! Dave acted as Fred once we had done a search, got practice at evac with a patient. We are now planning what lessons we will teach a group of trekkers who are coming out soon, looking forward to it.


Day 10 4.2.13

The rain has finally stopped which is good news. We spent the day teaching each other any topic we wanted, just to get some practice for the trekkers. I found a tic on my back, luckily it hadn’t got far into my back so easily removed! Later when we were cooking an almighty crash was heard, turns out one of the pallapa`s had decided to take a lie down, luckily it didn’t collapse on anyone. First night I really noticed how bright and clear the stars were, was brilliant. Or as Dave described it, majestic.

Day 11 5.2.13

A great start to the day as the sun was finally out, all got a chance to properly wash clothes and get them dry! I tried out the shower, but it wasn’t really a shower! More of a leaky cold tap, with a couple of drops of water. The river is much better! Didn’t realise when I had been in the shower, but when I got out I noticed a huge spider! Turned out to be Brown Recluse, apparently a top 10 deadly spider so very happy it hadn’t got me in the shower! Be an awkward first aid moment with my group. We had another scenario just as we were all tucked up nicely in our hammocks! Some people did respond by running over just in their lycra shorts which was quite a sight.

Day 12 6.2.13

We packed up and moved camp, our new place to live would be Cave camp. Took about 2 hours walk which was quite tough but singing helped! Once we arrived we set up our hammocks and then straight after me, Mad John, Emma, Paul and Ed headed off with the legend that is Antonio to the Mayan caves. Turns out to be quite a privilege as not many people have been allowed in to them! The caves were amazing and the stories Antonio knew about them. I could talk for ages about it all but wouldn’t have time! To sum up there were a lot of tight squeezes, slippy slopes, sheer drops, some pottery that thousands of years old and human remains. Saw some cave wildlife, some cave spiders, large moths and a lot of bats!

majan caves

Day 13 7.2.13

Spent the morning learning about following trails that Antonio had set up, we followed tree markings, broken branches and upturned leaves. Was quite hard at first but some parts became easier once you knew what to look for. We also had Antonio teach us about more flora and fauna, got some tips on which trees are good for some medicines and got to drink from different water vines. Antonio and Anders chopped down a huge cohune tree, we got to the “heart“ of the tree and ate it. Was quite nice, tasted like coconut, also got to try some of the cohune nuts and then made some tea from a chiny root. Overall a good day and learnt quite a few new things!

Day 14 8.2.13

Straight after breakfast we had another scenario, Mad John had gone to the caves and so we had to go searching for him. We found him and then had to carry out a Cas Evac as he’d been bitten by a snake! We learnt how to stretcher someone down steep or slippy slopes by using our knees. After lunch we began solo night were we went off separately to sleep for the night. I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow if I survive!

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