ELT January group: 3nd week

Day 15 9.2.13

I did survive, night went fine, and I even had time to make myself a wood shelter and a shelf. A good intro to belt kit night although will have no hammocks, sleeping bags etc. We packed up and headed off to Waterfall camp! And what a camp! Quite hard walk but we kept singing which did really help, especially Tribute! Set up camp just down the path to the Waterfall, really is a beautiful place, I couldn’t describe it, have to see it yourself! Of course we all went for a swim and wash, was great, never felt so clean! Clean is good.


Day 16 10.2.13

I’d been told I had a load of bites on my back, I found out why as I discovered fire ants in my sleeping bag! I do hate ants. Spent the day working on nav and search and rescue, mostly straight forward stuff, just takes practice. We had a go at making our own trails too which we all did fairly well. With searches we tried the line search and star map search, seemed easy but I’m sure with alot of people it becomes harder. Back in camp we made some benches to makes the logs more comfy for around our camp fire. 100% natural benches too! Went for another swim and wash in the afternoon. Me and Dave got a good camp fire going in the evening which lasted the night.



Day 17 11.2.13

Spent the morning working on our pacing’s going uphill and in jungle terrain, everything gets in the way! Managed to temporarily lend my machete to the jungle floor but luckily it was found with help from Mad John. Next scenario began, Anders went missing so we spent a while following dropped items along a path till we found him! During his treatment me and Dave did get slightly distracted by a turtle which was much more interesting, sorry Anders! My hands are alot more blistered from all the chopping for trails and nav practice! Had a good afternoon in the waterfall, found a place where the current was strong it sucked you under and then shot you through the water and back up to the surface, sometimes upto 15ft or more away! We also found a place to sit under where some water was coming off rocks, a nice natural shower. Tel 10`s are leaving tomorrow so they invited us down to the waterfall at night to watch them set off a big fire. Light up the surrounding water and rocks to give a great sight.


Day 18 12.2.13

Got up as normal and went off to cook, after id got back I found a fair old sized spider who had taken up residence on mozzie net! Just glad he was on the outside of it. We took a path that lead us to the top of the waterfall, after me and Ed had delicately fallen slightly into the water we got to the edge of the waterfall and what a view! Could see the pools below that we used to swim and wash and alot more. Great sight to see all the water and pools in a narrow path surrounded by the sea of green.


Day 19 13.2.13

Assessment day! We all went off one by one to do our nav assessment, so the rest had the day off while we waited for our turn. A make shift gym was built by the Danes; a shelf was made for our cooking stuff and a wood shelter. We spent alot of time out in the waterfall too. Had my assessment last and it went all okay which was good. In the afternoon the rain came down for only a short while but did come heavy! Had to quickly put up a tarp over our camp fire to keep it dry! Some threw on pac-a-mac`s, others (Dave) thought a cohune branch would suffice, it didn’t work.

Day 20 14.2.13

Packed up and headed out of the national park back to San Antonio to get the bus. Was another long and hot walk but we made good time and had a couple hours spare to wait. Once we got back to San Ignacio we set up at Bings and then quickly headed into town for some food! Felt like I’d never been so stuffed after lunch. Spent the evening in Jimmys for some nice cheap drinks. Happy Valentine’s Day all!

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