ELT January group: 1st week

Day 1 26/1/13

Made it to Miami after quite a long flight, not much entertainment though! Managed to get out the airport after what seemed hours of queues and after some confusion got to our hotel. Hotel was really nice so last bit of luxury before the jungle. Tried out the outdoor pool in the evening which was good after the long flight! Not much else happened really, so until tomorrow!

Day 2 27/1/13

Set off to Belize, nearly all of us flew on same flight from Miami so met up there, but unfortunately someone (Terry) had to be annoying and get a later flight into Belize so we had a nice 4 hour wait for him! We were not impressed! Met our leader Tom, seems like a really good laugh so that’ll make things better! Once we were altogether we drove to San Ignacio where our base camp would be, staying at Bing’s. Good place to store extra kit while in the jungle and our first try of the hammocks! Got to meet the other Tel’s group (Tel 10), who have been here since November. Got a quick look round the town and tried the national dish, just rice, beans and chicken!

national dish

Day 3 28/1/13

First night sleep in the hammocks wasn’t the best sleep I’ve had. Spent day having lessons from Tel 10 and had a swim in the river that’s just behind our camp! An alright start!


Day 4 29/1/13

A better night sleep, yay! More lessons today and we got our machetes!!!! Spent most the day sharpening them ready for jungle action! Played a trust game involving your buddy leading you round an obstacle course blindfolded! Ended up with Ed causing Paul to head butt a bench which was funny, although he didn’t enjoy it as much! Not a good trust game for Paul and Ed!

jan group

Day 5 30/1/13

First venture into the Jungle! Took a bus to San Antonio, where we then had an hour- 2 hour walk into the Elijo Panti National Park! Walk was very hard, I did struggle, and the heat was extreme! Got to our first camp, the Visitors centre and set up our bashas, and hammocks etc.  It’s a nice place, got some palappa and toilets! Then started up again with some more lessons! We have a local guide called Antonio, he’s around sometimes to help carry supplies in etc. not long after being in camp he comes back with Fer’ De’ Lance (snake), huge thing, a bit longer than me if I was to lay next to it, (think it was about 6ft!)

Elijo Panti

Day 6 31/1/13

More lessons! Does have to be done so I don’t mind, is all for the basic training. Got to know the friendly flora and fauna. To sum up, most things will hurt, cause a lot of pain or kill you! So a good rule is just to try and avoid most the animals and plants!

Day 7 1/2/13

We got our first experience of the rain and it was heavy! Went on all night, did fear id wake up in a newly formed river, but did stay dry! Some people weren’t as lucky and had to seek shelter in the palappa, some just got soaked in their hammocks! Lessons getting more interesting with jungle movement and obs. It is really hard to spot and see things in the jungle! Hope no one gets lost cause be hard to see them! Took a walk up to a watchtower, could see for miles around, great view! Jungle absolutely everywhere, as the SAS apparently described it, ‘a sea of green’. Quite right too! Headed back to camp and in the evening I got to carry out the fun duties of Admin. Every day we all have different role and we rotate etc, admins not the funnest job!


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