Greenforce Bahamas January Phase: week 4

After a couple of weeks of high winds and choppy seas, the weather this week has been much improved meaning we were able to do much more diving. In fact there were a couple of days where the water has been like a millpond and diving was a dream! The non-divers have now all passed their open water course meaning they are all now qualified divers (hurrah!) and have started on their advanced course. Us qualified divers have been continuing with our benthic ID practice underwater and we should all have our Benthic ID Exam within the next couple of weeks. Our Dive-of-the-week was definitely Thursday when diving conditions were perfect and we saw a Nurse shark, 2 x southern rays and numerous large and small fish. A couple of us also got to snorkel at One-Rock where the mix of fish, benthic and invertebrates was just stunning. We all hope to head up there again asap.

nurse shark


We had our first debate this week, the topic was for and against keeping 100% of the catch during game fishing. Both sides worked hard to get their cases ready and following many grilling questions from the judges, they announced the outcome as a draw between the sides with constructive criticism for both sides.


Food this week has been awesome. Not only have the appointed chefs in the kitchen whipped up some rather tasty meals, but we have also refurbished and used the oven to make cake and banana bread. Next week’s chefs have a lot to live up to!

This week has unfortunately has a down side as well, as Aruna unfortunately has the return to the UK next week. She will be sorely missed and we will be sure to stay in touch to keep her up to date with camp gossip.


So that’s all for now – We will miss you Aruna!!


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