ELT January Group updates

Day 48 14/3/13- Day 57 23/3/13

Advanced medical, learnt abit more about the medical side of expeditions, recognizing and diagnosing symptoms and how to treat some cases. Got to practice through scenarios and at the end we all had assessments through scenarios and written test which we all passed!

A highlight of the week was chicken night, where we got some fresh chickens in and had to deal with killing, plucking and gutting them ready for cooking. Did have one chicken that kept trying to escape and so on a couple of occasions we had everyone running through the jungle full speed trying to catch the chicken! Quite an experience!


Day 58 24/3/13- Day 62 28/3/13

River crossings! Learnt how to cross rivers with groups and different techniques to cross the river safely, from walking across, to using sticks or ropes. Learnt how to rescue people in the water using throw lines and how to help someone if you are in the water with them! We all passed the assessments at the end crossing different parts of the river with our group.


Day 63 29/3/13- Day 65 31/3/13

Town days! Easter holidays in full swing so the town is extremely busy! Start a 3 day trek (31st) where we shall rec a new trail so could be quite interesting, finding or making a new trail.


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