Bahamas April phase (week 3)

Week 3 started with a bang -literally- the island was hit by three thunderstorms which despite hindering one day of diving provided us with a late night light show that we all loved.  Due to the loss of dive time we haven’t managed to  get our Open Water under our (weight) belt this week but our plan is to be finished by Tuesday next week, fingers crossed the weather is good! We ventured to a natural fresh water blue hole named churches to help fix a floating pontoon for the Bahamas National Trust to go along with the jumping platform they have built. All of us have now seen sharks in the water which made us all feel pretty hardcore. Mid-week we took the children from the local school for a beach clean to follow on from the talk we gave them on how to reduce litter on the beach and why it is bad for the environment. All the children were very enthusiastic and we managed to fill 7 very large bin liners full of ‘trash’ which was not only good fun but rewarding too.

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Thursday was our busy day, Alice and Anna went to Central Andros High School to assist the teaching of the Emergency First Response course, Matt and Euan stayed at the camp with Dave to do all the man jobs that needed doing including making a water catchment system for the dive shed and fix leaks in the food store. Michelle and I joined Hannah and Carol in a lecture on how to cook lionfish safely to some chefs and teachers in North Andros which was a brilliant experience and they loved the fish which is a bonus for Hannah and her ongoing research with lionfish. The boat is coming along very well, she’s been painted now so it’s just some final touches and then mounting the engine and we’re ready to rock and roll which is making us all very excited. Our plan for next week is to nail both our Open Water and Advanced Open Water so wish us luck!

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