Nepal June 2014

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After the first week in Kathmandu Cory and I were much more familiar with the local conditions and customs. Kathmandu is full of my fellow Chinese people which did not surprise me.
We took a three hour trip by tourist bus along a rugged road at low speed to arrived at the much looked forward to, WHITE WATER RAFTING!!!!
We had a brief about how to hold the paddle and other safety tips and then… ‘Lets roll!’.
The waves bounced us around in out 12ft boat, occasionally large rocks brought us trouble and we would all have to curl up in the body of the boat. We all very much. Enjoyed this experience.
After rafting were keen to get to our final destination for the day ‘The BuBu Safari Club’ in Chitwan national park, where old fashioned air conditioning and a fan put me into a well earned sleep.
The next day we started our program with canoeing to the elephant breeding centre, followed by a walk through the jungle, until I found myself back at the hotel eating lunch. In the afternoon we took a jungle jeep safari tour. With the sun on our backs Dan (my leader) and I seated in our open top jeep began slowly making our way through the deep Nepali jungle.
Our first sighting was Bison, 10 metres away from our jeep. The jeep kept moving forward, we saw deers, peacocks, wild chicken, wild pigs and even sleuth bears! But by far the most exciting spot, was THE RHINO! The jeep stopped, it was close, the Rhino charged at the jeep as we picked up speed once more…. WOW! What a large animal it is! The rhino chased the jeep for 40metres before coming to a halt and so did we. The rhino posed for us, to get some great photographs. Later the guide told us they can reach speeds of 40kmph.
The jeep safari is well worth doing, and afterwards I was exhausted, ANOTHER GREAT DAY!!
The following morning began with the elephant safari which was very memorable. Another giant animals slowly making its way through the jungle and me and my group bouncing around on top. A tourist in front dropped his phone and the elephant picked it up and handed it back with its trunk! A very intelligent animal. During the elephant ride we were lucky enough to bump into 2 more rhinos relaxing in a pool.
The elephant bath was very interesting and fun. We pulled ourselves up on the elephant and the elephant sprayed us with water from its trunk. The process was short however the elephants need their rest for touring us round the jungle.
The memorable trip in Chitwan is just part of exciting Nepal, looking forward to the next phase at the orphanage….HERE WE GO!


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