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Expedition Leadership Training

After a restless sleep on the hard wooden floor of Dougs friend JJ, we were all up early for breakfast and our final preparations for the first week in the jungle. This time it was Matts turn to deal with a cantankerous digestive tract.
After packing and repackage it was finally time to head into the rain and Dougs stunning rainforest. Winding down a steep and slippery jungle path Doug lead the way to our jungle camp. After a quick lesson in machete safety and camp hygiene it was time to find our basha sites.

Once settled in we all headed down to the river for a wash and feed, it was only then that we realised a treacherous descent down a mud bank was the only way o teach our destination. Some made it down with ease, others certainly did not.
Knowing that we would have to perform the slog up and down the bank multiple times a day Collin sent Julius and I to reccee a suitable new campsite along the riverbank, after a disappointing start a clear winner was found, the only drawback being a leaf cutter nest that would have to be avoided so as not to anger the wee beasties.

Day 2 began its the group splitting, one team heading back out of the jungle to collect the rest of our rations whilst the others moved campsite. This was all done with minimal fuss until Matt sent a boulder hurtling down the mud bank narrowly missing me which would have brought my course to a swift and painful end.

The next few days were filled with camp craft lessons and an introduction to incident management and water rescue. All of us were now given leadership days to develop the skills needed to lead expeditions in the future. Doug camp and went as the days passed and we would help him clear land for his yoga retreat and cabins, this was a nice escape from wood collection and Latrine duty except for a somewhat worrying near miss involving myself and the sharp end of a machete.

The end of our first week in the jungle was now fast approaching and so we packed our bags once again to make the trip out to JJs hard wooden floor before starting the next leg of the trip at ARA.

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