Updates from Ski Instructor Course in Tignes

Gapforce Ski Instructor GroupIt has been a busy first week at the Gapski Instructor Training Course.  Our ski instructors have met for the first time and been busy brushing up their skills! Read on for an update from Jamie Seth:

In all honesty, I cannot believe that it was only a week ago that we all met for the first time at the Montereux Jazz cafe at Geneva airport. So far, I have been seriously impressed with the support that GapForce, and in particular Sev, have provided. On a personal level, Sev has made me feel so welcome which lead to the adjustment period taking only a matter of hours. We have somehow collectively formed a seemingly unbreakable bond within the space of only a few days. It is a great demonstration of how people from very different backgrounds can gel through only one common interest; skiing.

I am very excited and apprehensive for the weeks ahead especially with our BASI level 1 exams on the horizon. Training so far has been extremely productive despite the very challenging conditions we have had to confront. The part I have found the most interesting has been the video analysis and close attention to technique which has been very eyeopening. I have also enjoyed the freedom given to us by our instructor Joe. He has been promoting experimentation with our skiing, encouraging us all to try new things and to think outside the box. A personal highlight for me on the mountain has been the flamboyancy of Malen’s Skiing technique!

From what I have grasped so far, I think the majority of us, excluding Adelaide and Henrietta, have managed to find the right balance between the seriousness of training and the social aspect of living in one of the most frolic ski resorts in the world. However, my vote for the most shambolic moment of the week goes to Alex Foster by somehow managing to lose his brand new iPhone 6 two hours after arriving in the resort. I am so excited for what’s to come and I am sure we will add more unforgettable memories to the collection before our time is up!

This is a short snippet from the fantastic experience our team are having in Tignes!. To find out more about this great program, visit our Gapski Instructor Training Course page.

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