Looking Fresh In Our Androsia Shirts

Monday started with two dives in the morning to do some non-priority fish point outs. When we got back to camp we all did some serious cramming as our non-priority fish test was later on that afternoon. We all passed with flying colours so now we know almost every fish on the reef! We had our camp meeting to talk about the awesome week that had gone by and Victoria introduced us to a game called assassins where we each got given a place and item to ‘kill’ someone.  After the meeting we all got dressed into our most camouflaged clothes for a big game of manhunt, which was a lot of fun!

Tuesday we started our reef rovers so went out for another 2 dives – one at a-flats and the other at the coral prop site. In the arvo we had our first benthic lecture, which was pretty interesting and everyone was keen to learn some new species. Tuesday night was movie night and we all sat down in front of Blow, which was a great flick.

13091915_10208548809311555_2410418714183139111_n On Wednesday we only got to fit one reef rover in at the inner reef site because of the weather. And we got the afternoon off to revise our benthic species, but got a bit distracted trying to get coconuts down from the tree in front of Timmy’s place. We all got to try the fresh coconut water and flesh and it was really tasty! Wednesday night was the usual quiz night and went down a treat with some fun interactive rounds like apple bobbing and beer pong.

Thursday was an exciting day because we had the whole crew (including Ben) come out on the boat for our morning dive! Ben had a quick advanced dive first while the rest of us frolicked and free-dived on the surface, and then we all went down for our 4th reef rover. We had school in the afternoon and the kids were particularly naughty this time round but we all managed to make it back home in one piece. We watched a documentary called The Cove in the evening, which was really eye-opening and made us all want to fly to Japan and get involved in dolphin conservation.


On Friday morning we did our last reef rover at Ledges, which was a wicked dive because we saw an octopus and an ocean triggerfish and Luke reckoned he spotted a couple of black durgons too! We came back to the house for lunch and then went back out to Aladdins for a second dive and started our benthic point outs. We were all pretty shattered after the two dives so we had an early night in preparation for our day out on Saturday.

Saturday was really hot so we headed to Captain Bills blue hole for the day. We bbqed for lunch and had a lot of fun mucking around in the water. Saturday night was party night and we were all looking fresh in our Androsia shirts. It was a great night to finish off the week!

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