Becoming Certified and Advanced Divers in the Bahamas

Thea in the Bahamas

Stay up-to-date with this summary of the third week on our Bahamas Marine Conservation program in January 2017.

This week was full of diving, from sand patches to corals, from 2m to 30m, we saw sharks and lion fish and many more. Some of us became certified divers and others advanced and some of us are even determined to learn more. Then there are those who know too much (Jonas, Till and Jacob) having already passed quite a few tests and already knowing both the corals and fish.

This documentary night we learnt about the devil of the cow and the industry behind them, turning 6 of our own into loyal vegetarians making a total of 8 people. Jay is succeeding in his plan of converting us into his ways. This also includes less showers – not me mom – and less laundry.

Gapforce Marine Conservation team in the Bahamas

This weeks top arguments starring Peter and Jacob ranged from whether the milk goes in before or after the tea, to an overly complicated and ridiculous quiz night question Peter made up – take a pause for Peter to argue this – about people with green eyes.

Thursday was brightened by the newest and oldest member of our team Danny, who even after 40 hours of traveling decided to go out for a dive. However, the day was not bright for everyone as Thea broke her toe getting back on the boat after a dive, in her words “making a splat sound” – pause for a grimace – although she is still determined to dive and become a certified diver! Her week was not completely ruined as she made a wonderful trip to Nassau eating all day making us all jealous of her dominoes pizza, Starbucks and chocolate chip pancakes.

To finish off our week, we had a lovely weekend of drinking, poor choices (by Peter once again) and Pigeon Cay. Our Saturday consisted of those of us who weren’t hungover snorkelling at the reef near the island seeing some Great Barracuda, turtles and best of all a lemon shark stalking Liam, whilst the other half sunbathed and napped on the beach. The day ended with a calm night including a few drinks, games of pool, a bonfire on the beach.

Are you thinking about a gap year traveling to the Bahamas? We’d love to hear from you and answer any questions on your mind.

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