Learning about Mountain Rescue in Wales

Mountain Leader Training in Wales

Our new group of Trainee Expedition Leaders have started their Expedition Leader Training program in Wales. Read on to hear an update from Ryan about what the team have been up to so far.

The first day the 5 of us and Elliot met at the bunkhouse, shared food and got to know each other.

For the next few days we learned about pacing, map reading, taking bearings and orienteering.  We next hiked through the mountains around snowdon national park.

Here we dialled in these skills and began to understand what it takes to be a mountain leader. After we understood navigation we were taught other skills such as confidence roping, river crossing and belaying.

We also met the mountain rescue team at Snowdon where we did an activity with their air scenting dog, Clooney. One of us hid in the mountains and Clooney used her skills to find them. We ended up leaving 2 days early due to the weather. But the information we learned in Wales was a good start to becoming expedition leaders.

Are you thinking about training to become an expedition leader on your gap year? We’d love to hear from you and answer any questions on your mind.

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