I’m A Junky… And I’m Addicted to Adrenaline!

Read the latest update from week 4 on our South Africa Adventure programwhere the team have been spending time in Titsikamma and Jerfferey’s Bay, written by Eva Walker!

Our arrival to Tsitsikamma, although a tired one, was made better by the lively and beautiful hostel. Little did we know, the day we were to go bungee jumping off the tallest bridge jump in the world was to make this specific spot an important one for our whole group.

The exhilarating bungee jumping experience not only gave me a different view of South Africa (literally) but showed me that each day can be filled with anything and everything you can imagine. Starting the day off with a zip line canopy tour of the forest then moving on to jump a few hours later is the definition of a jam packed day.

The action continued the next day with a quad bike ride through the forest and along some stunning coastal trails. Each night the central fire pit back at the hostel gave our group a lovely place to chill and chat about everything we had done.

Jeffery’s Bay has a vibe like no other. Exciting and relaxed all at once so no matter what our mood was, our group had something to do.

Beachside and beautiful – I tanned for hours and walked through the many surf shops that line the streets of town. Beach horse riding was an adventure I wouldn’t have wanted to do anywhere else. And finally, dinner each night was accompanied by the chatter of other backpackers and the sound of the waves. An experience I’ll never forget.

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