Know Before You Go: FAQS, Europe Tour

Europe Tour Paris
Program: Europe Tour
Location: UK, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands
Duration: 2 or 4 weeks


Ever heard anyone say, “last summer I went traveling around Europe. It was one of the best things I’ve ever done!”? If you’re in need of a little adventure before, during, or after college, then a European summer may to be just what you need. With its rich history and unimaginable wealth of attractions, Europe is a continent that entices travelers from all over the world.

Ready to tick Europe off your travel bucket list this summer? Well now you can in an all-encompassing cultural exploration throughout Europe’s finest cities. What do you need to know before you leave? Let’s explore.


7. Who is this program for?

Anyone 18+ looking for a guided cultural exploration with a group throughout Europe. General demographics tend to be 18-23 with an even split between male a female.  A Gapforce Expedition Leader will be moving from location to location with the group.  While in each city, participants have the freedom to choose what they would like to explore for the day, making this a moderately supervised program.


6. What locations are included in the 2 week vs 4 week program?

On arrival, you will be met by your Gapforce leader and get ready to begin your adventure. The two week program includes the exploration of London, Paris, Barcelona, Cote d’Azur, Florence & Rome. If you are joining the group for the four-week program, you will then continue on to Venice, Vienna, Prague, Berlin and Amsterdam before finishing off your European adventure back in London.

Europe Tour

5. What is included once I arrive?

Your program fee covers all travel between destinations including airport pickup and drop off for those flying into Heathrow Airport, 24 breakfasts and 12 dinners, accommodation, your Gapforce Expedition Leader, and 24/7 emergency contact support.


4. What do we do for Gapforce Escape days?

The Escape Days are an opportunity for participants to come together as a group and explore an activity off the tourist trail. These happen on day 7 and day 14 of the program. Past participants have voted on activities like beach days or biking along the countryside.


3. Where will I be staying?

Hostels are possibly the best type of accommodation for traveling around Europe. Located smack dab in the middle of every European city, hosteling is the best way to meet tons of interesting people from all over the world. You will be surrounded by like-minded travelers who also share a love of adventure and having fun. Accommodation will be dormitory style with shared bathroom facilities. Each hostel has its own version of security. Some require a key or buzzer to enter the building, or to enter a dorm room. Most dorm rooms have lockers, which means you can bring your own lock to keep valuables secure while out for the day. The Gapforce group will always remain together throughout your stay.

Europe Tour

2.  How much money should I budget for?

You will need money for meals not included in the itinerary, as well as optional activities, tours and entrance fees. As a guideline, we suggest you budget an additional £100 – £120 per week.  For the majority of your trip the local currency will be the Euro, the exception being the UK (British pound) and Czech Republic (Koruna). ATM machines are widely available throughout the trip so we do not recommend travelling with large amounts of cash. A suggestion would be to bring £80 – £100 in cash split between British pounds and Euros and then withdraw money as needed during the trip.


 1. Backpack or suitcase?

Europe is notorious for cobblestone streets, Venice being the ultimate luggage menace. But stand on any street corner in a metropolitan European city and you will likely witness a traveler struggling to carry heavy, and more often than not, a bigger than themselves backpack.  Gapforce recommends carrying a main rucksack and a daypack for this program.  But, the key is to pack light. Remember, you can always purchase.  Go to a sporting goods store and try on as many bags as possible.  Feel comfortable and try to avoid heavy bags. Look for clothes and items that have a few different uses, which can also help reduce the overall weight of your backpack. Last but not least, take a bag that suits you and you want to take everywhere. Having a good backpack is important. After all, you’re not called a backpacker for nothing!


If this sounds like you don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of Gapforce program advisors or join Gapforce on this amazing tour around Europe right away.

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