Volunteers Raise Funds For Belizean School

Ant, Sam and Joe have been fundraising for the school they have been placed in called Santa Familia. They want to raise funds to buy fans, books (for the library pictured below) and sports equipment. Their fundraising efforts have included a raffle where all proceeds went towards their target of $3500bz (£875). They have approached local businesses who have donated … Read More

Teaching Update and Images

Trekforce field Base in Belize have sent the UK office some images from the teaching placements. The volunteers are clearly giving a lot to the schools. From painting a class room and turning it into a library, to taking the children one on one to practise reading and getting the whole class together for a game of football, the Trekforce … Read More

Teaching Going Well

The volunteers are well underway with the teaching phase. Everyone has been put in pairs, living with host families and immersing themselves in the Belizean culture. After a week of teaching training the volunteers visited their schools to observe the class and see how the children are taught and then the following day joined the class for their first day … Read More

Sightseeing and Spanish

Our country manager in Belize, Ed, has sent this report on how the group are doing and what they are up to… On Saturday all of the Trekkers will arrive back in Belize after a month of very intensive Spanish. The school that Trekforce uses has been fantastic and have been incredibly kind and welcoming. Each of the Trekkers has … Read More

Language Course Gets Underway

The group arrived safe and sound in Guatemala at the beginning of April to embark on 4 weeks of Spanish school. The school is in San Jose and the teachers have been extremely welcoming, much to the delight of the volunteers who admit that the phase is surpassing their expectations! The weekends are free for the volunteers to explore the … Read More

Projects completed and ceremonies go down well…

The projects are now completed and have been handed over in 2 separate opening ceremonies. DAVIS FALLS Davis Falls is Belize’s second highest waterfall and the location, surrounded by broadleaf forest, makes it an ideal tourist hot spot! The team have finished their project ahead of schedule. The opening ceremony was held on Sunday 25th March and was attended by … Read More

Belize Trekkers Blog – Final Week

We can’t believe it so we’re sure you can’t either, the 2 month expedition is coming to an end! Volunteers will shortly be returning home to the UK, moving on to the language or diving phase of the expedition or heading off for some independent travel! In a short amount of time the volunteers have contributed a huge amount to … Read More

Belize Trekkers – Pictures From The Project Phase

The project groups have been busy but there is always a chance to explore their surroundings… Cave at Rio Frio…. Trekkers drink from some water vines…   Palapa at the Rio Frio Project…. Sunset witnessed by the Davis falls project… Rio Frio Construction…   All smiles in the at the Rio Fri party….   Some of the Davis Falls group … Read More