Bahamas Week 12

Week 12 The final week of the phase! Time has flown by but I’ve loved every single minute of it! The diving, fun quiz nights, fantastic day trips, fabulous party nights and so much more! Since all of the science is completed that can only mean one thing, fun dives! We could spend our time under the water exploring the … Read More

Bahamas Week 10

Week 10 in the Bahamas! Fun Dive Day: The day began early with saying good bye to the Swissmiss aka, Chantal. Afterwards everyone went back to sleep, except from James and Sam, they were buying camp food , rice and noodles and more rice and noodles. At 10AM we had tasty pancakes from Tanja and Helena.Now the first group was ready … Read More

Bahamas Week 9

WEEK 9 IN THE BAHAMAS! After a stormy weekend with a lot of rain and wind, sun is coming back again and welcomes us in glory over the brigth blue heaven to Monday of week 9, which is also my last week before my great time on Andros ends. When having breakfast  (our precious porridge), a view around makes us … Read More


Week #8 Monday began with our usual breakfast of porridge and much needed coffee for the busy day ahead. The first dive started with a bit of telepathy on my part, as I noted that the weather ‘felt sharky’. As we dropped down to our favourite dive site Ampi we were instantly greeted by 2 Caribbean reef sharks – giving … Read More

Bahamas Week 7

If you walked into the camp kitchen on Monday morning you would have been met with a lot of tired faces, probably still seeing the after effects of Saturday night and a laze around on Sunday. It was as still as in a deserted village in the middle of the savannah as I woke up well before my alarm. The … Read More

Bahamas Week 6

The Smell of saltwater, pine trees and a sunlit baron beach, resurrect my senses. An eastern breeze that has travelled an unimaginable distance through sailing clouds, fluttering branches, thrashing waves and beating wings is the culprit. The familiar caress of the world around beckons for attention. As one vivid dream escapes my mind, another unfolds before hazy eyes. AN orange … Read More

Bahamas week 5

This week was not only the fifth week of the phase, but also the very first week for a bunch of new volunteers who had arrived last weekend. So naturally it was bound to be an exciting one: from getting comfortable with things like doing choirs, the great variety of camp food and of course the never ending sandfly bites … Read More

Week 4 – Bahamas

The 4th week has already come and gone but it didn’t disappoint the team. The volunteers are now certified EFRs after doing the last bit of training, aside from Lucas and Lauren who sadly had to retake the test after “epically failing” the first one. Luckily they stayed awake for the whole EFR video this time, giving them a better … Read More

Week 2 in the Bahamas

MERRY MONDAY Arose early thanks to Franks clattering of pots and pans, spoons and cans. The beautiful team had porridge all ready to go, to prepare us all for the day’s adventurous overflow. We set out afloat on the bathtub boat with our dive gear kitted together in the sunny weather. Sitting at the top of the boat we could … Read More

Week 1

WEEK 1 On Saturday 4th July at approximately 15:00, the Andros airport was graced with the presence of a fresh batch of new volunteers. The group took little time to bond and by the time we arrived at camp we were brimming with excitement for the upcoming weeks. After rushing in to claim the best rooms, we were then briefed … Read More