Bahamas January 2015 – Week 2

Monday: After a late night making the most of wifi Sunday it was an early start. We had 2 sessions in the water, the first in our scuba gear, again skills practice with our BCDs. After being told what was thought to be a stingray Dom and I rushed into the water but after realising it was a tyre, we … Read More

Bahamas April 2014

The week started off with Sarah and the volunteers having a cultural tour of North West Andros, at Red Bays, whilst the interns studied for their dive master qualification. The director of Fulfar; a nearby field station, introduced us to local crafts and tradesmen which allowed us to view the remote parts of the island intimately and purchase some of … Read More

Bahamas April 2014

End of second week today, I feel like I am at home now even if it still seems unreal to be in such a wonderful place. Waking up every day with the sea just in front of my window and the amazing sound of the waves to put me in a good mood. The teaching is perfect, Sarah is really patient and … Read More

Bahamas April 2014 – week one

Driving into Staniard Creek and seeing our house for the next two months was very surreal! We were warmly greeted by all the staff and couldn’t believe the stunning views of our own Bahamian beach. The week flew by with settlement tours, fish identification lectures, visiting Staniard Creek primary school and snorkels. The settlement tour allowed us to orientate ourselves … Read More

Bahamas January 2014

Week 5 Another week down! Doesn’t seem quite real that we are now starting the sixth week here, officially half way through the phase.   Monday The infamous day of four dives! Was a great days diving all round we managed to finally get four waves of dives done meaning that everyone had two dives. The Golden Girls inclusive of … Read More

Bahamas January 2014 – week 4

Monday week four started out very chilled with a beach clean from the far point of the Greenforce camp. All of us collected a big black bag full of trash which was a nice way to start the week knowing we had made a small contribution to make a big difference. After lunch we all walked down the beach and … Read More

Fiji January 2014 update!

Still loving life in Fiji.  We’re making rice and flour taste nice but ration runs are always a highlight, especially when fresh fruit and veg arrives – yummy! We’ve done with our Advanced Open Water Course and the Banta Ray makes an appearance on every dive now.  Our marine bio lessons are almost all finished too and we’re getting close to starting our surveys … Read More

Fiji October 2013 Week 5

Bula from Fiji! This week marks the start of the Great Fiji Shark Count, so we have been out searching for sharks every day. Yesterday, we saw a massive Eagle Ray at Shark Attack, which was awesome as it was the first time many of us have seen a ray while Scuba Diving. We have also seen several White Tip … Read More

Fiji October 2013

We have now been on camp Nukubalavu over 3 weeks but it already feels like home to all the volunteers. Especially now, writing this looking out over the ocean we can’t think of being anywhere else! Everyone has completed and passed their PADI Openwater and Advanced dive training which has definitely made us better and cooler people (as the PADI videos and our dive instructor, … Read More

Fiji July Phase – Week 3

The week started with a visit from 28 Americans on a 3 month sailing trip across the Pacific. It was nice having a very busy camp with lots of beach volleyball, scuba diving and a bbq. The Brits dominated on the volleyball court but the yanks were graceful losers and provided camp with plenty of meat for the bbq which … Read More