The Greenforce Bahamas team prepare for the new phase

The Greenforce Bahamas team have been hard at work preparing for the new volunteers to arrive in January. After receiving a brand new engine for the boat they have decided on a bold new colour scheme (batman inspired black and red) to restore “Chickcharnie” the diving boat back to its former glory. Here are some photos of Adam (Bahamas leader) and Matt … Read More

ELT Belize: Favourite moments so far

The volunteers on our Expedition Leader Training course in Belize entered the jungle 4 weeks ago, since then they have learnt advanced jungle survival skills, completed solo nights, learnt how to plan for an expedition and have completed some advanced river crossings. Next stop for them is San Ignacio for some much needed rest, keep checking here for regular updates … Read More

Ecuador: October Group

Week 1: Hi everyone, I and the other volunteers, Kate, Theo, Emily, Charissa, Rachel, Rosa, Aidan and Becca have just arrived in Quito, Ecuador and it’s amazing, looking forward to the week ahead. This afternoon we are going to the ECUADOR VS.CHILE soccer match with 8 other wonderful people from the UK & South Africa!! Esta chica va a ir … Read More

Bahamas Update: Weeks 1-5

Week 1: Everyone has just been settling in and it’s been a nice relaxed start to the project for us. We have already been to a blue hole and had a short tour around some of Andros. Wind has been high and we had a small issue with the boat battery. All is sorted now and wind is forecast to … Read More

Bahamas report: week eight

A very exciting week! At the start, we all went to the Rainbow blue hole, which was in the middle of a mildly flooded forest. The path to it was a winding walkway on the limestone floor. At points, we had to wade through mini lakes that had formed because of the higher than usual rain quantity we’ve had this … Read More

Greenforce Marine Conservation in Fiji – Thoughts from Mindy

Going to Fiji was one of the best things I could have done for myself.  It was an unforgettable experience and until you have done something like it, you will never truly understand what you are missing!  My biggest point of advice would be to go into it with an open mind and be ready to adapt to anything different/new … Read More

Trekforce Expedition Leader Training – Belize Overview!

Hello Avid Readers! Herein lies the “blog” for the TEL 9 course, which, as you can see, is about to be updated for the first time…ever! With only one month to go. Sorry about that! So really, it’s more of and overview than a blog, what with the lack of regular updates and amusing photographs, but you get the idea. … Read More

Bahamas report: week two

This week was the most exciting.  Monday came and we all went diving except for Charlotte and Nik as they had already completed their Open Water certification.  We went out just by the beach where it was still shallow.  When it came to taking our masks off under the water I panicked and had to get out of the water … Read More

Marine Conservation with Greenforce in The Bahamas – Stories from Jemma

Volunteering for Greenforce in the Bahamas is hands down the most incredible experience I have ever had. From a young age I have always been fascinated by marine life and so I decided to take part in a conservation project upon the completion of my degree.   Greenforce appealed to me mainly due to the Scuba Diving training, something I … Read More