Cross curricular school trip

About a Gapforce cross curricular school trip

One of the best ways to make your school trip appeal to a broad range of students is to make it a cross curricular expedition, combining two or more subjects and learning outcomes for an experience filled with diversity and different challenges.

With Gapforce we are specialists in designing custom-built school trip itineraries to ensure a flexible and wholly personalised educational adventure. The combinations are truly endless and we would be more than happy to discuss some ideas with you.

What to expect from a Gapforce cross curricular school trip

At Gapforce we have 28 years of experience in inspiring and educating young people with a range of activities that inform their knowledge of all the subjects that they are studying, rather than just one.

Pupils benefit from making the learning outcomes of their school trip far reaching and holistic. A cross curricular approach will give them a much broad understanding of the place that they are visiting.

For instance, a trip to Paris will not only help pupils with their French. They also have ample opportunity to learn about religious studies at Notre-Dame while discovering France’s history and art at the Musée du Louvre and Musée d'Orsay.

The destinations we operate in mean we can easily combine subjects, for example science with geography, religious studies with Spanish, or business with theatre studies. We can also take pupils on trips that focus on a different subject each day for a truly cross curricular school trip experience.

What are the benefits of a Gapforce cross curricular school trip?

The idea of children going on a cross curricular school trip is usually well supported by parents. Many parents are keen for their children to have an amazing experience in a foreign country but they need to be able to justify the costs against their children’s education.

The cross curricular school trip is an especially beneficial idea for younger pupils, who have yet to decide on which subjects they want to pursue in later life and therefore benefit from a rich variety of experiences.

Sample Cross Curricular School Trip suggestions